The Melges MC Scow.

Rush to be competitive.

In performance one design racing.

Product Specifications
Length 16 ft 4.877 m
Beam 5 ft 8 in 1.727 m
Weight 420 lbs 190.509 kg
Sail Area
Main 135 sq ft 12.54 m2
Crew 1-2

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As one of the largest fleets in North America, the Melges MC Scow® is a true Melges original. Designed, engineered and built by Harry C. Melges Sr. and Buddy Melges during the mid-'60s, it continues to be a great day sailor whether sailed single- or double-handed. The Melges MC Scow is modern and more performance driven than ever before. It's high quality from bow to stern, featuring a new and improved board system, not to mention stronger, safer and extremely comfortable.

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