Federico Michetti

Andy Burdick

Like most sailors, Federico grew up in a family where sailing was the weekend sport of choice. It was this foundation that encouraged him to excel in every boat he was to campaign. Famously known to be a self-proclaimed Melges speed fiend — his collection of accomplishments is spectacular. He is a Melges 24 World Champion crewmember, multiple European and World Ranking Champion as well as 2007 Melges 32 National Champion team member aboard Claudio Recchi’s ‘Let’s Roll’.

In May of 2007, Federico was named president of Melges Europe. He immediately added another successful chapter to Melges' history.

“It has always been a dream for me to work alongside Harry Melges,” said Michetti. “I really love the brand, therefore the leadership of this new company comes naturally to me. We carry the same Melges’ philosophy of building a superior, technologically advanced product and supporting it with incomparable customer service.”

Federico Michetti
President, Melges Europe