Press Releases Archive

Dec 2

Rytov Wins Miami, Prosikhin Prevails to Capture 2018 Melges 20 World League Championship Title

Nov 29

Miami Mayhem for Final 2018 Melges 20 World League Ranking Event

Nov 11

2018 Melges 40 Grand Prix Season Closes with Stig, Sikon and Inga on the Podium

Nov 10

Rombelli Conquers 2018 Lanzarote Melges 40 Grand Prix

Nov 9

Rombelli Champions Day Two at 2018 Lanzarote Melges 40 Grand Prix

Nov 8

Rombelli To The Melges 40 Front in Lanzarote

Nov 6

Three Within One Point: Lanzarote To Decide 2018 Melges 40 Grand Prix Champion

Oct 20

Twice as Nice: Kuznetsov Crowned Melges 32 World Champion

Oct 19

2018 Melges 32 Worlds All Set for Final Showdown in Cagliari

Oct 18

Reigning Melges 32 World Champ Kuznetsov Sits On Top

Oct 16

2018 Melges 32 World Championship Kicks Off in Cagliari

Oct 12

Intense Final Day Looming at 2018 Melges 20 Worlds

Oct 12

2018 Melges 24 European Sailing Series - Day One in Luino: Gill Race Team Nails It With Two Bullets

Oct 11

2018 Melges 24 European Sailing Series in Luino: XV Lino Favini Cup Sets Sails for the Final Regatta of the Series Tomorrow

Oct 7

Rytov's Illustrious Russian Bogatyrs Wins 2018 Melges 20 Russian Open

Oct 5

Melges 20 Russian Open All Set to Go in Cagliari, the Last Test Before 2018 World Championship on October 10-13

Sep 16

Pacinotti Prevails to Win 2018 Melges 20 World League European Division, Intense Final Day Gives Rytov the Cagliari Win

Sep 15

Pacinotti Maintains Melges 20 Lead in Cagliari Going into Final Race Day

Sep 13

Everything In One Stage: 2018 Melges 20 World League, Euro Division To Be Decided In Cagliari

Sep 13

Penultimate Regatta of the 2018 Melges 24 European Series Kicks off in Domaso Today

Sep 6

Melges 40 Grand Prix Announces 2018 Finals in Lanzarote

Sep 1

Balestrero Crowned 2018 Melges 32 World League Champion

Aug 31

Balestrero Moves Into Melges 32 World League Cagliari Lead

Aug 30

Opening Day at 2018 Melges 32 World League in Cagliari Goes to Wilma

Aug 28

The Melges 32 World League Finale Takes to Cagliari For Definitive Verdict

Aug 4

Rombelli Captures Big Melges 40 Grand Prix Win at Copa del Rey Mapfre 2018

Aug 3

Rombelli Keeps the Melges 40 Lead Going into Final Day at Copa del Rey Mapfre 2018

Jul 28

Balestrero Wins His First Trophy of 2018 Melges 32 World League Season

Jul 28

The Final Countdown to 2018 Melges 24 European Championship Starts Now

Jul 27

Balestrero Stays on Top at 2018 Melges 32 World League in Riva del Garda

Jul 26

Three Up, Three Down Gives Balestrero the Melges 32 Edge in Riva del Garda

Jul 25

The Melges 32 Goes to Riva del Garda for Third 2018 World League Challenge

Jul 22

Rytov Conquers Riva del Garda Edition of 2018 Melges 20 World League, European Division

Jul 21

2018 Melges 20 World League, European Division, Riva del Garda

May 23

Melges 20 World League Circuit Returns to Scarlino

May 22

It’s Midnight Somewhere — Michas Wins Melges 20 Charleston Nationals

May 17

Low Rider - Melges 20s Seize Charleston Harbor for 2018 Nationals

May 17

Inside Melges – The May Issue

May 4

Narrow Margins and Tight Competition Prevails for Melges 40 Class at Sail Racing PalmaVela 2018

May 3

Melges 40 at the Center of 2018 Sail Racing PalmaVela Racing Excitement

Apr 22

Pacinotti’s Brontolo Dominates to Win First European Melges 20 World League Event

Apr 21

Pacinotti’s Brontolo Leads After Three Races at Melges 20 World League in Forio d’Ischia

Apr 20

No Breeze, No Racing to Start 2018 Melges 20 World League in Italy

Apr 15

Onorato Wins First Event of 2018 Melges 32 World League Circuit

Apr 14

Onorato’s Mascalzone Latino in Charge at 2018 Melges 32 World League

Apr 13

No Racing on Opening Day at 2018 Melges 32 World League

Apr 12

Round One of 2018 Melges 32 World League Begins in Forio d'Ischia

Mar 17

Kings of Key Biscayne

Mar 16

Miami International Mix

Mar 15

Light Air Miami Melges 20 Winter Series Finale

Feb 11

Freides Captures Melges 20 Miami Winter Series Regatta Win

Feb 10

Stunning Conditions in Miami — Melges 20s Rock Biscayne Bay

Feb 9

2018 Melges 20 Miami Winter Series - Pacific Yankee Power

Feb 8

Melges 20 Miami-Monaco Magic

Jan 15

Inside Melges – The January Issue

Jan 3

Introducing the Melges Power 26

Nov 16

Ishida’s SIKON in Command of Melges 40 Grand Prix of Palma de Mallorca

Oct 16

Gill Race Team and Taki 4 Crowned Leaders of the Series, FGF Sailing Team and Taki 4 Winning Melges 24 Lino Favini Cup

Oct 14

Rombelli Crowned Melges 40 Valencia Grand Prix Champion

Oct 13

Rombelli Extends Lead at Melges 40 Valencia Grand Prix

Oct 10

Valencia Readies for Start of Second Melges 40 Grand Prix Event

Oct 7

Freides Wins Melges 20 World Championship

Oct 2

2017 Melges 20 World Championship Kicks Off

Sep 15

2017 Melges 24 European Sailing Series Medemblik - Day One, Three Bullets to Hungarian FGF Sailing Team

Aug 20

Freides Crowned 2017 Melges 20 U.S. National Champion

Jul 8

Thielman Takes Melges 20 Fleet Control At 2017 Sail Newport Regatta

Jun 21

Inside Melges - June Newsletter

Jan 23

Introducing the Melges World League: The Ultimate One-Design Competition

Jun 5

Goransson’s ‘Inga’ Crowned Queen of Talamone

Apr 16

New Leadership on All Fronts at Melges 20 Nationals in Charleston

Feb 7

Wildman Wins Melges 20 Miami Winter Regatta

Aug 10

2015 CSR Marine Nationals Goes Out On A High Note — Final Race Played Fun, Fast and GORGEous

Aug 16

Expectations Exceeded On Day One Of 2014 Melges 32 U.S. National Championship

May 9

Thirty-seven Audi Melges 20s Invade Porto Ercole For 2014 Audi Tron Sailing Series

Apr 5

Miami Beach Chutes And Ladders

Mar 3

Tomasini Grinover Wins 2014 Melges 32 Miami Winter Regatta

Mar 1

A Robertissima Kind of Day

Jan 22

Sunshine And Breeze Make For A Great Third Day In Key West

Jul 12

Torbole — Penultimate Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series Event Warms Up Teams To 2013 World Championship In Porto Rotondo

Jun 9

Rombelli Crowned Portoferraio Winner At 2013 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series

Jun 8

Portoferraio Shines Bright For Guido Miani’s ‘Out Of Reach’ After Day One At 2013 Audi Sailing Series

Jun 7

2013 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series Back In Portoferraio

Jun 2

Cirillo’s Melges 32 ‘Fantastica’ Crowned Portoferraio Edition Audi Sailing Series Winner

Jun 1

Melges 32 Fleet Ready For Heated Sunday Battle At Audi Sailing Series, Portoferraio Edition

May 31

Tomasini Grinover’s ‘Robertissima’ Atop The Field In Portoferraio At Melges 32 Audi Sailing Series

May 30

Nineteen Melges 32s Assemble For Third Act Of 2013 Audi Sailing Series In Portoferraio

May 19

Achille Onorato's 'Mascalzone Latino Jr.' Wins Porto Ercole, Atop The 2013 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series

May 17

European Audi Melges 20 Fleet Takes To The Waters Of Porto Ercole For Act Two Of The 2013 Audi Sailing Series

May 12

Cirillo’s ‘Fantastica’ Crowned 2013 Melges 32 Audi Sailing Series Porto Ercole Edition Champion

May 11

Cirillo’s ‘Fantastica’ Appears Unstoppable At 2013 Melges 32 Audi Sailing Series In Porto Ercole

May 10

Porto Ercole - The Right Time For Cirillo's 'Fantastica'

Apr 26

Tomasini Grinover In Charge At 2013 OtterBox® Melges 32 Virgin Islands Sailing Series, Caribbean Championship

Apr 26

Curtain Call For Tough Competition At 2013 OtterBox® Melges 32 Virgin Islands Sailing Series, Caribbean Championship

Apr 19

Switched On — 2013 Melges 24 U.S. National Championship Launches With 37 Entries At Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week

Apr 14

Zavadnikov’s ‘Team Synergy’ Conquers Gaeta Edition Of 2013 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series

Apr 13

Zavadnikov’s ‘Team Synergy’ Further Confirms Lead In Gaeta At 2013 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series

Apr 12

Zavadnikov’s ‘Team Synergy’ Takes The Lead In Gaeta At 2013 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series

Apr 9

Let The Games Begin — 2013 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series Kicks Off In Gaeta

Mar 14

16th Edition of Zenda University Wraps Up, 2013 Melges MC Scow Midwinters Fires Up With 80+ Entries

Mar 6

Melges 24 Atlantic Coast Championship, Bacardi Miami Sailing Week Set To Be Spectacular

Sep 16

Marinelli Wins Viareggio

Dec 4

Howe's Warpath Hangs On To 2011 Melges 32 Gold Cup Lead

Dec 3

Howe's Warpath Fires Off Three Bullets To Commence Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta

Nov 29

Gold Cup Regatta Primes Melges 32 Fleet For 2012 Midwinter Championship Series Season

Oct 4

Miani Wins 2011 Audi Melges 20 European Championship, Domenici Crowned Sailing Series Champion

Oct 2

Gulari Wins 2011 Melges 24 U.S. National Championship, Freytag Named Corinthian Champion

Aug 6

Carroll's 'Argo' Smiles As Melges 32 Copa Del Rey Audi Mapfre Champion

Aug 3

Carroll Maintains The Copa Del Rey Audi Mapfre Melges 32 Lead

Jul 20

Teams Prepare To Do Battle At 2011 Böklunder Melges 24 European Championship

Jul 17

Carroll Wins Malcesine, Cirillo Crowned 2011 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series Champion

Jul 16

Carroll On The Brink Of Malcesine Victory, Cirillo And Marinelli Fight For Overall Series Title

Jun 27

Reilly Wins Tiebreaker To Take Audi Melges 20 East Coast Championship At Bacardi

Feb 13

Reilly & Simoneschi Take Top Melges Honors In Miami

Feb 12

Audi Melges 20s & Melges 24s Race Biscayne Bay At 2011 Miami Winter Regatta

Dec 2

Melges 32 Fleet Readies For Gold Cup Competition

Jul 28

Expect Only The Best In The Midwest

Jul 23

Powerful Thunderstorm Cuts Short Day 2 Of Gold Cup

Jul 21

Record Audi Melges 20 Fleet Readies For Lake Garda Action

May 2

Taselaar Wins Scarlino

May 1

Melges & Cuervo Y Sobrinos Partner To Create The Ultimate Luxury Yachting Watch

May 1

Taselaar Takes Scarlino Lead

Apr 30

Three Races and One Point Puts Pacinotti’s ‘Brontolo’ In Control

Apr 28

Scarlino: Act 2, Can Cirillo Hold On To Melges 32 Audi Sailing Series Lead?

Apr 12

Melges Trifecta Triumphs At Charleston Race Week 2010

Mar 28

'Fantastica' Deemed The Law In Force For The Melges 32 Winning Audi Sailing Series, Event. No. 1

Mar 28

Cirillo's 'Fantastica' Officially The Boat To Beat In Lerici

Mar 26

Fantastica Thinks Big, Calvi Pure Network

Mar 25

Melges 32 European Fleet Readies For Battle At 2010 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series, Event 1

Mar 13

A Short And Sweet Day 2 For Melges Fleets At Bacardi Miami Sailing Week

Mar 7

Oh La La Cruette Regains Melges 32 Lead In Miami

Mar 5

Taselaar Takes Over In Miami

Mar 4

Miami Delivers, Cruette Takes The Melges 32 Lead

Mar 3

Melges 32 Outshines All The Rest At 2010 Miami Grand Prix

Feb 20

Ecklund Leads Audi Melges 20 Winter Series Event No. 2

Nov 24

Melges 32 Gold Rush

Oct 25

Melges 24 Fleet Assembles On Eve Of 2009 Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis Melges 24 World Championship

Sep 4

2009 Melges 32 North American Championship Kicks Off This Weekend At Sausalito Yacht Club, September 5-7

Aug 30

2009 Melges 17 Nationals Turns Up The Heat - Four Races With Ideal Wind

Aug 28

Afternoon Delight At The Melges 17 Nationals, Dow Takes The Lead

Jul 28

Early Entry Incentive Ends July 31, Special Invitation To Eastport Yacht Club Cocktail Fundraiser To Be Held For The Melges 24 Worlds

Jul 19

Carlo Alberini Crowned Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series 2009 Champion, Taselaar Wins Final Event In Cagliari

Jul 10

Early Entry Incentive In Effect For 2009 Melges 24 World Championship, 23-31 October In Annapolis

Apr 21

Hollerbach Named Audi Melges 20 Champion In Charleston

Apr 16

Largest Melges 32 European Fleet Ever Gathers For Audi Sailing Series Event No. 1 In Malcesine

Apr 16

The Audi Melges 20 Makes Its Racing Debut In The USA

Apr 15

Melges 32 Audi Sailing Series 2009: The Numbers Assigned To Tender

Apr 8

Autonet Mobile Named Title Sponsor For 2009 Melges 24 U.S. National Championship, NOR Now Available

Apr 6

Melges Performance Sailboats Strengthens Product Support and Customer Service Team With Four New Agents

Mar 24

Audi Sail And The City: The Melges 32 And Audi Melges 20 Sit Alongside Sailing And Music In The Heart Of Milan

Mar 23

Dates Set for 2009 Melges 24 World Championship in Annapolis

Mar 8

Taselaar Delivers An Astounding Performance To Win 2009 Melges 32 Miami ACURA Grand Prix

Mar 7

Taselaar Riding High In Miami

Mar 6

Taselaar Still In Control Of Melges 32 Fleet In Miami

Mar 5

Three Races, Three Bullets For Melges 32 Miami Grand Prix Leader Pieter Taselaar

Mar 4

Melges 32 ACURA Miami Grand Prix Madness

Mar 3

Velocitek 2009 Top Speed Award To Be Awarded To The Fastest Melges 17

Feb 25

SLAM Advanced Technology Sportswear Named Apparel Sponsor For 2009 Melges Midwinter Regattas

Feb 25

SLAM To Title Sponsor 2009 U.S. Melges 24 National Championship Series

Feb 17

Vincenzo Onorato Wins 2009 Melges 32 Primo Cup

Feb 15

Ullman Takes Overall Honors in St. Pete's, Butler Crowned Corinthian Champion

Feb 12

Melges 32 Primo Cup Ready To Rock In Monaco, February 12-15

Feb 12

Benedetto Gialongo Wins 2009 Primo Cup In Audi Melges 20

Nov 1

Terry Hutchninson Clinches Yet Another Major Yachting Title — 2008 Melges 24 North American Champion

Oct 31

Hutchinson Takes A Substantial Lead At 2008 Melges 24 North Americans

Oct 30

Four More Amazing Races Completed Leaving Hutchinson in the Lead

Oct 29

Dave Ullman Leads After Three Thrilling Races in Annapolis

Oct 21

2008 Melges 24 North American Championship Preview

Oct 2

North Sails Calls the Weather While 2008 Melges 24 North Americans Ranks High on the Annapolis Social Scale, 26 October - 1 November

Oct 1

2008 Melges 24 Davis Island Yacht Club Regatta Named As Replacement Event For King's Day Regatta/Atlantic Coast Championship, 22-23 November

Sep 30

Spectacular Climax At Circolo Vela Erix, Audi Sailing Series Edition In Lerici

Sep 27

2008 Melges 17 National Championship In Full Swing On Lake Geneva

Sep 26

Deadline Extension: Corinthian Entry For The 2008 Melges 24 North American Championship Officially Closes On Friday, 03 October

Sep 23

Urgent Reminder: Corinthian Entry for the 2008 North Americans Closes this Friday — 26 September

Sep 21

Brian Porter Successfully Defends Melges 24 National Championship Title

Sep 20

Strauss Leads the 2008 OSA Sailing.com Melges 24 U.S. National Championship

Sep 19

Wet, Wild and Windy Charleston Harbor Satisfies Melges 24 Fleet

Sep 18

An Impressive 51 Melges 24s Set to Compete at the 2008 OSA Sailing.com U.S. National Championship

Sep 17

Six New Sponsor Announcements For The 2008 North American Championship

Sep 15

Porter Goes On To Win Melges 32 Fleet At The 2008 Rolex Big Boat Series

Sep 13

Melges 32s Take It Down To The Wire On Day Three Of The 2008 Rolex Big Boat Series

Sep 12

Two More Races On Spectacular San Francisco Bay, Illbruck Takes Charge

Sep 11

John Porter's Full Throttle Leads The 2008 Melges 32 Rolex Big Boat Series

Sep 9

2008 OSA Sailing Melges 24 U.S. National Championship Gears Up with 51 Pre-registered Teams, Spectator Boats and On-site Rigging Support; Registration Extended

Sep 8

Claudio Recchi Aboard Lorenzo Santini's 'Uka Uka Racing' Wins Circolo Velico, Audi Sailing Series Event No. 4

Sep 7

Fausto Rubbini On 'Thule' Continues To Lead After One More Race In Santa Margherita

Sep 5

Rubbini Leads After Two Races At Circolo Velico Audi Sailing Series Event No. 4

Aug 28

2008 Melges 24 Nationals: Very Important Competitor Information

Aug 22

Coral Reef Sailing Apparel Named Official Apparel Provider For Charleston Melges 24 Nationals

Jul 27

Twice as Nice, Ecklund Crowned 2008 Melges 32 U.S. National Champion

Jul 27

Ecklund Leads The Melges 32 Nationals After Two Days of Racing

Jul 26

David Hoyt Puts Two Bullets In The Bag To Lead The 2008 Melges 32 U.S. National Championship

Jul 22

Excitment Surrounds The 2008 Melges 32 U.S. National Championship, July 25-27

Jul 10

Melges 32 National Championship: New York Yacht Club Race Week at Newport Presented by Rolex

Apr 30

2008 Melges 24 Nationals Ready To Go, NOR and Online Entry Now Available

Mar 12

Melges Names KO Sailing As Official Melges Scow And Sportboat Dealer

Mar 12

Melges Selects McConaghy Boats To Build The Melges 20, First Photos Released

Mar 11

Ken Wruk Wins 2008 Melges 17 Midwinter Championship — Perfect Conditions For Final Day

Mar 9

Pinta Triumphs Over The Melges 32 Fleet — New Wave Earns Miami Grand Prix Championship Title!

Feb 22

European Melges 32 Tune-Up Weekends, 29-30 March & 26-27 April

Feb 17

Hutchinson Clinches 2008 Melges 24 Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Title

Feb 16

Hutchinson Takes Control in St. Pete's

Feb 15

Detroit's Paul Hulsey Leads the 2008 St. Pete's NOOD

Feb 14

U.S. Melges 24 Class on the Threshhold of Record Breaking NOOD Regatta

Feb 6

St. Pete's Party!!!

Feb 4

2008 Sperry Top-Sider St. Petersburg NOOD, Very Important Competitor Information

Jan 26

Jeff Ecklund Wins Melges 32 ACURA Key West 2008

Jan 26

Dave Ullman Wins Acura Key West 2008

Jan 25

Melges 32s Get Back To Racing On Day Four Of Acura Key West

Jan 24

Late Day Racing for the Melges 24s on Day Four of Acura Key West

Jan 23

No Wind. No Melges 24 Racing on Day Three in Key West.

Jan 23

Melges 32 Racing Cancelled Due To Lack Of Wind

Jan 22

Racing Officially Underway for Melges 24s

Jan 22

Racing Now Underway in Key West

Jan 22

Joe Woods Leading The Melges 32 Fleet In Key West

Jan 22

No racing on day one of competition in Key West

Jan 22

Too wild, wet and windy to race in Key West

Jan 14

Count Down To Acura Key West 2008 Underway

Jan 14

The Sun is Warm and the Stakes High for Melges 24s in Key West

Jan 13

Melges 32 Fleet The Third Largest In Attendance For Key West

Nov 8

Reserve Your Melges 20 Today!

Sep 3

More Speed, More Fun — Another Melges In The Near Future?

May 29

Melges Europe Launched, Sales and Distribution Center for the Melges 32

Oct 11

Northshore Yachting Appointed as Builder of Melges 24 for Asia Pacific Rim

Aug 2

"Finally" Harry Melges (USA 409 "Star") is 2002 Melges 24 World Champion