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23 August 2017

2017 MC Inland Yachting Association Championship

Lake Geneva, WI.

By EHood


The Young Guns of MC sailing dominated the top 10 of this year’s 71 boat ILYA MC Championship.  Three Youth teams were in the top ten, won the event overall and also won the top Woman Skipper Division.

This was the final year of the designed three year plan to sail the big championship at Lake Geneva and showcasing the new Buddy Melges Sailing Center.  LGYC had a great three year run for sure, setting the bar very high for the future.

Winds were challenging but fair.  For the MC class, we had three solid races with medium/heavy winds.  A scheduled six race series; we saw on day 1 (too much wind) and abandonment on day 3 (no wind).   It takes three races to be an official championship and PRO Mark Prange, along with his great RC group, did a perfect job getting our minimum three races in on day 2.   Conditions for Friday’s racing were winds from the WNW ranging in velocity from 9-18mph.  A little shifty, for sure, but still very fair.  Courses were WA3s.  Race 1 was 45 minutes long with .7mile legs, race 2 and 3 were 43 and 38 minutes long with .65 mile legs.  Our starting line for 71 boats was .28 mile long.

Just looking back on the racing this week, it was exciting to see all the division winners in the top ten of this year’s big ILYA Championship.  Your overall winner Ryan Grosch (Lake Harriet) and his crew Jessie Olson, not only won this year’s championship, they were also winners of the Youth Division. Just one point behind, we saw the Strothman family (Lake Geneva) with skipper/dad Peter along with sons Bo and Grady. We also saw a strong third place showing from Gordon Lamphere (Lake Geneva) and he was also the top single-handed sailor. Another division winner and Top Master was Mark Tesar (Clear Lake) who finished fourth.  Rounding out the top five on the Rocket Monster was skipper/dad Mike Kaiser with Kamron and Kasha Kaiser for crew. Your top Grand Master, finishing in sixth, sailing really well was Boss Hog himself Steve Avery from Okoboji. From Gull Lake Vince Driessen with Martha, Gabriela, and Natalia Driessen finished seventh.  Race three winner, Henry Chesnutt and Sarah Eide finished 8th plus they were second in the Youth Division. Chris Tornehl from Wissota was ninth.  Top Woman Skipper plus third Youth and finishing tenth overall was skipper Natalie Sinn ( Harriet) with crew Paige Boegeman.

Race winners were Brian Heimsch (race 1) with crew Justin and Allison Heimsch.   Ryan Grosch and Jessie Albritton won race 2.   Henry Chesnutt and Sarah Edie led race 3 from beginning to end.  Winning a race was tough this year.  Great job to this group for your race wins!!!

Lessons learned, at least for the three races we had in solid but a little shifty breeze, was be fast off the line, hike hard as you can with vang on as needed (to keep boat from being nervous up and down)  but not too much (as to lose pointing ability off the line).  Stay with the flow, for sure. That is, stay with the top ten boats and their general position on the first beat.  With 71 boats it really is about getting to the first top mark in good shape.  Also, dealing with waves, both powerboat, when they came and just the waves from the wind was pretty important this week.  The flatter you sailed the boat the more the boat went up and over the waves. Downwind was fun as gains were there to be had as the wind was showing on the water and the puffs/wind zones were easy to see.   All in all, some great sailing, tough sailing & fair sailing for the championship.

In closing, I will say the ILYA’s decision to have the big championship here at LGYC and the Buddy Melges Sailing Center was a huge success.   The sheer number of entries and folks attending is a testament to this success of LGYC running a great event three years in a row.   When you run big events or even small events run your process through a filter that asks the question “are the folks not sailing having as much fun as those folks sailing”.  If the answer is yes, then you have a great regatta.  LGYC gave us their best and it was fantastic.  Thank you from all of us in the MC Fleet and I bet the other fleets as well.

One other note of interest, I personally met several folks who came to see the new MC deck design and of course the big championship.  Folks from St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Florida and Michigan came to specifically see our two new MCs at the regatta with the new deck style and design.  Right now we appear to have the most interest we have seen in a long time; folks wanting to join our great class.  Exciting news for all of us in the MC Class. Keep sharing the good news about this cool boat, share your knowledge, take someone sailing, let someone borrow your boat and we will keep growing this awesome class.

MC 2685