The Melges 14 Is Pure Sailing

24 December 2015

A very special thanks to our great customer Andrew Seredick (pictured with his daughter) aboard his Melges 14.

"I love the pure sailing fun the Melges 14 yields. It puts a huge smile on my face - hours can go by and I don’t even notice. 

For the last three years our family has been the goldilocks of dinghy searching. We tried many different types of boats with the goal of the family sailing on Lake Erie. Lets just say since we have had the Melges 14, we don’t even remember the other boats. I wanted something that would be fun for me and the kids. Something they could grow into while being modern (self bailing, comfortable), easy to launch, and well supported.

I have raced big boats, trimming sails and doing foredeck, since the late 1990s out of Edgewater Yacht Club. I remember when the Melges 24 first came on the scene. It blew everyone out of the water in PHRF racing and I always remembered that. 

The Melges experience has been wonderful and a main driver for deciding on the Melges 14. I had been looking at UK based companies, and decided it would be best to go with a highly respected US company who stands by the quality of their product, going above and beyond making sure customers are happy with their investment.

I believe there will be a very bright future for the Melges 14 racing class and I was happy to be on the ground floor for the launch - so cool!"

- Andrew Seredick