Coppa Lino Favini - Audi tron and Gill Race Team crowned leaders in Luino

12 October 2015

Melges 24 fleet in Luino - photo BPSE/Mauro Melandri

Riccardo Simoneschi's Audi tron ITA840 - photo BPSE/Mauro Melandri

Michael Good's Cinghi-Aile SUI382 - photo BPSE/Mauro Melandri

Miles Quinton's Gill Race Team GBR694 with Geoff Carveth helming - photo BPSE / Mauro Melandri

Oleg Dyvinets' Marusia UKR819 - photo BPSE/MMelandri

11 October, 2015 - Luino, Italy - The Melges 24 season in Europe has concluded today with a total of 8 sailed races during the Coppa Lino Favini. Audi tron ITA840 (Simoneschi-Benussi, today 1-1-7) has been crowned event and Audi tron Sailing Series leader instead Miles Quinton's Gill Race Team GBR694 (Carveth-Quinton, 5-14-OCS), succeeded in the Melges 24 European Sailing Series.

As said the Coppa Lino Favini, event dedicated to the Melges 24 class organised by the Associazione Velica Alto Verbano, has seen the leadership of the Audi Italia Sailing Team with its Audi tron, already winner of the series' first leg in Loano last April. Riccardo Simoneschi's Melges 24 has also been crowned Swiss Champion, collecting its 15th national title. Aboard of Audi tron ITA840 besides Riccardo Simoneschi are sailing Gabriele Benussi, Federico Buscaglia, Stefano Orlandi and Lucia Giorgetti.

The Coppa Lino Favini Overall sees first place Audi tron followed by Austrian Michael Schineis' team on Pure AUT716 (Schineis-Cassinari, 8-4-4), that has showed improving performances over the last events, third place for Franco Rossini's Blu Moon SUI825 (Favini-Sommariva, 10-13-1).

Great satisfaction also for Swiss Michael Good's Cinghi-Aile SUI382 (today 9-2-12) winner in the Corinthian class.

Full results - Overall ; Corinthian

The Audi Italia Sailing Team has confirmed its supremacy in the Melges 24 Audi tron Sailing Series (recording a total of 5 acts, 27 races, 4 discards).

Audi tron gained a relevant margin over Gianluca Perego's Maidollis ITA822, second overall before a surprising Andrea Pozzi's Bombarda Racing ITA841 (Pozzi-Desiderato, 7-9-6), followed at one point by the vice world champion, Andrea Rachelli's Altea (Racchelli-Bonini, 13-dns-dns).

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The Melges 24 European Sailing Series has concluded today on the Lake Maggiore (recording 6 total events, 50 races, 8 discards) with British Gill Race Team GBR694 (Carveth-Quinton, 5-14-dns) as the leader. Despite a pretty weak racing, Miles Quinton's crew with Geoff Carveth, Nigel Young, William Goldsmith and Catherine Alton has skillfully controlled the overtaking attempts by the Hungarian Kalman Rosznyay's FGF Sailing Team HUN728 (Bakoczy-Rosznyay, 17-3-10) followed by Andras Milbich's Jedi Business HUN481 (Czegai-Milbich, 16-dns-9), also from Hungary.

Great satisfaction also for Ukrainian Oleg Dyvinets' Marusia UKR819 (Dyvintes-Dyvinets, 4-21-17), winning Corinthian team ahead of Ronald Veraar's Team Kesbeke/Sika/Gill NED827 (Veraar-Blok, 14-15-2) and the above mentioned Swiss Michael Good's Cinghi-Aile SUI382.

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Photo gallery by BPSE/Mauro Melandri

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Italian Audi Sailing Team - Audi tron ITA840

Miles Quinton's Gill Race Team GBR694