Maidollis Wins First Place at the Harbour Race Held at Melges 24 Italian Championship, Audi-Tron Sailing Series

14 September 2015

It was a day of action and big sailing show in Trapani, after the 22 sailed races out of 36 at the Round Robin Match Race that took place during the underway Melges 24 Italian Championship. The harbour race ranking will be added to the provisional ranking set at the end of the fleet series.

Harbour race leader is Maidoillis (Fracassoli-Bianchi, 5-0) that under a light breeze has won all five flights scoring a relevant margin over Audi-tron (Simoneschi-Benussi, 3-1), Altea (Racchelli-Bonini, 3-2), Pure (Michael Schineis, 3-2) and Etrusca (Alessandro Giombetti, 3-3).

Racing, formula particularly supported by B.Plan Sport&Events also thanks to the local Port Authority, took place in the waters opposite the Race Village, has seen a great public interest.

Round Robin match race concludes today, wanirng signal is set for mid morniing.

Provisional Round Robin ranking:
1. Maidollis, 5-0
2. Audi tron, 3-1
3. Altea, 3-2
4. Pure, 3-2
5. Etrusca, 3-3
6. Marameo, 2-3
7. Sherekan, 1-3
8. Sudo Ma Godo, 1-3
9. Bradipo, 0-5