Doyle Sails Melges 24 Nordic Trophy 2015 - Swedish Champion Is Kristoffer Spone And Team NOR-400

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2 June 2015

02 June, 2015 - Åmål, Sweden - The first Doyle Sails Melges 24 Nordic Trophy event was sailed from 29th to 31st of May in Åmål. Åmål is less than 200 km west from Oslo and north from Gothenburg. A tiny cosy village of under 10,000 inhabitants. The facilities and hospitality was superb.

First day of racing was under a blue sky, over 10 degrees temperature and the wind coming in from SW with a velocity of 7 - 12 m/s. Race one winner was NOR-787 Blow Henry Lloyd helmed by Peder Nergaard. Second race won NOR-400 Kristoffer Spone. On the third race the best was NOR-732 Herman Horn-Johannessen. After first day and a steady performance the race leader was NOR-787 Blow helmed by Peder Nergaard with one bullet, second and fourth position.

Blow Henry Lloyd NOR-787 with Peder Nergaard - Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2015 - Portoroz, Slovenia - photo IM24CA/Zerogradinord

See The Video with the leader of the first day Peder Nergaard talking about racing in Åmål and about the expectations to the approaching Melges 24 Worlds in Middelfart.

Second day of racing was totally something else. Three races in really challenging weather - lots of rain, choppy big waves and lots of wind from east with a velocity of approximately 8 - 12 m/s. This gave a lot of challenges for many teams. NOR-732 helmed by Herman Horn-Johannessen's lower rudder gudgeon bolt snapped during the fourth race and the first downwind. This forced them to come immediately to the harbor and start fixing the transom.
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See The Video with Tomas Skalen, the local organizer. He describes weather conditions and the shape of the Swedish Melges 24 fleet looking forward to the Melges 24 World Championship 2015 in Denmark.

Meanwhile, on the lake the three Norwegian boats Peder Nergaard, Kristoffer Spone and Kristian Nergaard had a nice battle. Peder Nergaard on board Blow took a third and two bullets giving them only a two-points lead over Spone (8 pts vs 10 pts). And behind them with 14 points was always dangerous class veteran Kristian Nergaard.

Coming to the last day the sky had cleared up but the wind picked up. Now from SW with a velocity of 10 to 13 m/s with gusts going over 15 m/s. This really gave some nice action for the downwind legs. Lots of spectacular broaches and speed of over 20 knots! In the battle for gold Spone picked up with more speed taking a third, first and fourth. While Peder Nergaard got a DNF, fourth and third. And meaning that NOR-400 Kristoffer Spone won the Swedish Nationals with 18 points just one point ahead of NOR-787 Blow helmed by Peder Nergaard. Third podium place was filled by NOR-600 Kristian Nergaard with 24 points.

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The next event of the Doyle Sails Melges 24 Nordic Trophy 2015 will be held in Tallinn, Estonia - Melges 24 Open Estonian Championship on June 12-14. melges24.com/doylesailsnordictrophy