From The Easter Egg, Melges 24 Audi-Tron Comes Out

7 April 2015

Loano — It was an unforgettable Easter for the Audi tron Sailing Series Melges 24 edition. After two days of very unstable wind and very little sailing, the series organised by B.Plan Sport&Events (BPSE), in cooperation with Melges Europe became more lively thanks to strong northern winds.

Thirty-five knots of breeze blowing from land together with short choppy waves, did not stop anyone's desire to sail thanks to a very committing Yacht Club Marina di Loano staff, allowing three more races to be sailed closing up the series with a total of five valid races.

The “First of the Kings” title has been conquered by Audi tron (yesterday 4-1-1), that just a week ago won the Melges 24 European Sailing Series in Portoroz. Leader from day one, the Audi Italia Sailing team collected a relevant margin over the follower teams such as Lenny (2-3-2) of Tonu Toniste and Altea (1-2-4) of Andrea Racchelli.

It has been a great pleasure closing up this first act of the Melges 24 Audi tron Sailing Series sailing with such beautiful conditions – said Riccardo Simoneschi, Audi Italia Sailing team and BPSE leader. "Great compliments also to the staff of the Marina di Loano and its Yacht Club, they strived for making us sailing despite the 40 knots wind blowing in the morning. A great thank you also to the participants that have been able to smoothly manage such unusual weather conditions.”

The top five has been completed by Bombarda Racing (5-5-3), helmed by Andrea Pozzi at fourth despite its double digit beginning and Jeco Team (3-6-DNF) of Marco Cavallini.

At sixth ICZ with Czech Olympian Martin Trcka, that expressed his appreciation for such Ligurian racing course, underlying its tricky features: “We have experienced three difficult days under a weather point of view: especially the unstable land breeze blowing but despite our results, we thought we could reach a higher ranking, we have had lots of fun.”

The next Melges 24 racing will be taking place in Porto Venere, but next weekend Loano will be ready for the next Melges 20 races.