2015 Audi Tron Sailing Series Racing Venues Released

26 February 2015

Milano, February 25th, 2015 - Loano, Portovenere, Riva del Garda, Porto Ercole, Trapani, Genova: these are the 2015 Audi tron Sailing Series sailing venues chosen by Bpse for the supporting four rings automobile manufacturer.
The series considered as a reference sailing circuit by all organizing bodies and teams this year will be opening up its doors to all Melges 24 specialists and PRO Drivers, challenging together with the Audi Melges 20 and Melges 32 fleet.
Starting from Act 1 the sailing scenario will feature teams racing on 3 different Melges keelboats representing nations, regions, yacht clubs, cities and sponsors. According to this, together with the category rankings there will be the Team ranking planned for the Big Finale in Genova, city of the renowned International boat show.

This new feature will see the Audi tron Sailing Series dominating the sailing scene for three weekends in a row, each on a different location previously selected after an accurate and long evaluation process ready to crown their King.

Before the release of the technicalities, let's have a closer look to each 2015 racing venue:

Melges 24, 3-5 April
Audi Melges 20, 11-12 April
Melges 32, 17-19 April

Just like in 2012, Loano will be the first staging act of the 2015 Audi tron Sailing Series hosted by the Marina di Loano Yacht Club, a modern yacht club in Marina di Loano, that since its first day has become one of the main attractions of the famous Ligurian city. Loano, located by the Nimbato river along the Riveira delle Palme, is known for the Monte Carmelo monestary and its main cathedral and the Doria Palace, the seat of the Municipality, funded by the Doria family, the county's governing body from 1200 until the end of the 1600's.
This picturesque Ligurian city, with its modern yacht club, will be the perfect location to launch all Audi innovations and elect the first Kings of a very challenging 2015 sailing season.

Portovenere - THE KING OF POETS
Melges 24, 1-3 May
Audi Melges 20, 9-10 May
Melges 32, 15-17 May

The smallest city in the La Spezia province, has been chosen as the second staging act of the Audi tron Sailing Series. Recognized in the year 1997 by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the village lies at the southern end of a peninsula, which, breaking away from the jagged coastline of the Riviera di Levante, forms the western shore of the La Spezia Gulf, also known as the Poets.
Portovenere is a very famous seaside resort thanks to its beaches (the most famous of all are on the Palmaria island), its Regional Natural Park, its sea caves (Byron, Azzurra and Tinetto) and many more places of interest such as the Doria Castle that dominates the marine village, the White Mary sanctuary and St. Peter's church.
The boats and the VIP hospitality will be the main focus of a unique show, making the Audi tron Sailing Series the best place to enjoy breathtaking sunsets.

Riva del Garda - THE KING OF THE LAKE
Melges 24, 22-24 May
Audi Melges 20, 30-31 May
Melges 32, 5-7 June

Riva del Garda and its “wind factory” will be the third venue of the Audi tron Sailing Series, such a stage can not be missed, not only for the technical features of its racing fields but also for the beautiful attractions this location has to offer. Just to name a few we have the city's main square by the lake, the Inviolata Church, the Pretorio Palace, the Bastione and the small area called Pregasina, on the way to the Ledro Lake where you can experience an amaizing view of the Lake Garda.
After races there are plenty of possibilities for sailors, the visiting audience and sailing fans alike to experience any kind of open air sport such as: trekking, mountain bike, paragliding, free climbing and many more attractions.
The racing Village and the VIP Hospitality will be set in the heart of the city offering all visitors a 360 view of the lake life experience.

Melges 32, 10-12 July
Audi Melges 20, 18-19 July
Melges 24, 24-26 July

Porto Ercole is back on the route as the third venue of the 2015 Audi tron Sailing Series edition.
Located in the municipality of Monte Argentario, the Tuscan city has been recently recognized as one of the most attractive Italian villages with its buildings of historical interest such as the Governanti Palace, facing the Square of Santa Barbara, Sant’ Erasmo's Church and the imposing Rocca. On the road to Porto Ercole you can see the remainings of the past defensive walls: such as the Forte Filippo, the Mulinaccio Tower and the Forte Santa Caterina. Several nearby beaches are the Acqua Dolce, the Viste, Spiaggia Lunga and the Feniglia.
Talk about sailing! Porto Ercole's field is one of the most appreciated in Italy for its favourable sea and wind conditions. The Audi tron Sailing Series will also be attracting many tourists thanks to its strategical position by the Old Town.

Melges 32, 26-30 August (World Championship)
Audi Melges 20, 3-6 September (European Championship)
Melges 24, 10-13 September (Italian Championship)

Trapani is a city talked about in sailing everywhere and has kept important traditions alive thanks to the "richest" act of the whole series. Already an important venue of the most successful act organized at the 32nd America's Cup, Trapani will be hosting one of the most important acts of the 2015 Audi tron Sailing Series; the so called “salt city” will be given the opportunity to crown the Melges 32 World Champion, the Audi Melges 20 European Champion and the Melges 24 Italian Champion. In the evening all crews and the audience can enjoy all attractions offered by the Sicilian town (awarded with 2 Gold Medals in 1898 and 1961).
A relaxing walk on the Mura di Tramontana promenade is a must for a scenic view as well as a walk on the Viale delle Sirene by the Ligny Tower. You can not conclude the day without a taste of its unique wines and quality regional food. The Audi Hospitality, increased in size for this special occasion, will welcome the public, sailing fans and athletes in the beating heart of the city.

Melges 32, Audi Melges 20, Melges 24, 2-4 October

As in 2014, the Audi tron Sailing Series will be concluding in Genova taking place the same weekend of the International Boat Show: it will be the only occasion for all 3 Melges keelboats to race together on a long weekend. Famous all over the world and seat of the most ancient yacht club in Italy (the Yacht Club Italiano), the City of the Lighthouse (Lanterna) has plenty to offer with its touristic attractions such as the Genova Aquarium in the Old Harbour, one of the most populated areas in Europe. Last year's Genova Boat Show was the most visited boat show in Europe, this year will be a plus for visitors to enjoy the city and the Audi Lounge.

Also this year the Audi tron Sailing Series is getting ready to face the new sailing season with a green fleet that strengthens once again the longlasting commitment of the four rings brand with sailing, both very focused on concepts such as innovation, sustainability and environmental protection.
Moreover such choice highlights the double soul of the Audi brand, blending sporty appeal with endless technology research.

Together with the Audi tron Sailing Series, the Audi test drives will be back too where anyone interested will have the opportunity to freely drive the latest car models produced by the German automobile manufacturer from Ingolstadt.