Invitational To The Forthcoming Events And Current Rankings

Invitational To The Forthcoming Events And Current Rankings ©2014 Pierrick Contin Related topics:

1 August 2014

The Melges 24 Class is enjoying a very robust sailing season and in some parts of the world, anxiously waiting for more! Check out the following event info nodes and plan to attend and race all that you can. In particular, be sure to check out the brand new Melges Team Racing event set to take place at the Genova International Boatshow. We will be a grand centerpiece for all to see what incredible style of racing our class delivers!  

Team Race Of The Audi tron Sailing Series At The Genoa International Boat Show on October 3-5! – For the first time “Medal Race” finals of the Audi tron Sailing Series Melges 32 in the unprecedented Team Race formula!

What a great opportunity - at the Genoa International Boat Show on 3rd – 5th October! Each team will consist of a Melges 32, a Melges 24 and a Melges 20 boat which will be berthed at the latest exhibition area, in the heart of the Sailing world, dedicated exclusively to the yachts which also includes the unique Audi tron Sailing Series Hospitality. Come and take part – it will be great!

5 Melges 24 boats registered already!

Read more and register…  

Come to Denmark – Melges 24 Open Danish Nationals in Fredrikshavn on August 22-24 i!

Denmark is calling! The Trophy of the Melges 24 Danish Champion is waiting to be raced for! 23 boats from 6 nations have already signed up. Teams can still make their entry!
The Notice of Race and the invitation can be found here
Make your entry here http://dm2014.melgesclass.dk/
Those already on the list can be seen here.

Melges 24 Season In Italy Will End With The Italian And Swiss Open Championships

Melges 24 Italian Open Championship 2014 will be held in co-operation with Yacht Club Marina degli Aregai and Yacht Club Sanremo on September 4-7, 2014. 
Lino Favini Cup considered also as Melges 24 Swiss Open Championship 2014 and Italian Melges 24 Series Act 5 will be held by the Associazione Velica Alto Verbano in Luino on the Lake Maggiore on October 10-12, 2014. Notice of Race for both events have been published now. Read more…  

DON'T FORGET TO MAKE YOUR ENTRY for the final Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2014 event in Medemblik, Dutch Open Championship 2014 on September 19-21!

9 boats from Germany, Netherland, Liechtenstein, Italy and Ukraine registered so far - see the list of entries  

Notice of Race 
Make your entry here 

2014 Melges 24 US National Championship Reaches 25 Early Entries, 2015 Nationals Venue Announced

The twentieth running of the Melges 24 U.S. National Championship will take place on November 13-16, hosted by the Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, FL. Already, twenty-five of the nations’ biggest and brightest teams have registered to race. Boats will be arriving from all over the country — Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, Michigan, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin are on the board. Look for the number of entries to soar well above 40! Maybe more!

The list of entries


The destination for the 2015 U.S. Nationals has been selected. On August 7-9, in Cascade Locks, OR the Nationals will take place at the Gorge.

US Melges 24 initial schedule for 2015 - Please save the dates and start planning now. Read more…

Melges 24 schedule for the next season (2014-2015) in Australia – please find the schedule in the file attached

There are many more events to come - MELGES 24 INTERNATIONAL REGATTA SCHEDULE

Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2014 Current Standings + World Ranking Standings

The current standings of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2014 and World Ranking 2014 have been published to the IMCA's website under Ranking results. 

The standings of the ESS 2014 have been calculated after four events with 35 races altogether and 5 discards as per Notice of Race. 102 boats have been taking part of the sailing series' events during the season so far.
In PRO division top 3 boats are:
1. ITA840 AUDI - Riccardo Simoneschi - 102 pts  
2. CZE704 RODOP ICZ - Martin Trcka - 290 pts  
3. ITA735 ALTEA - Andrea Racchelli - 436 pts 
In PRO AM division top 3 boats are: 
1. ITA636 MARRAKECH EXPRESS - Angelo di Terlizzi - 393 pts 
2. GBR694 GILL RACE TEAM - Geoff Carveth - 614 pts 
3. HUN209 FGF SAILING TEAM - Rozsnyay Domonkos/Robert Bakoczy - 781 pts

Since this year for the World Ranking the same scoring system will apply as for the ESS. According to this 9 events with 78 races and 13 discards included. 137 boats altogether have been listed in the World Ranking results.
Top 3 boats at the moment are: 

1. ITA840 AUDI - Riccardo Simoneschi 
2. SUI825 BLU MOON - Flavio Favini/Matteo Ivaldi 
3. ITA735 ALTEA - Andrea Racchelli 
There will be 5 more events all over the world to complete the Melges 24 World Ranking 2014 - one in Europe, two in North America and two in Australia. Read more…. 

And the last but not least – for the Worlds 2015 in Middelfart, Denmark we have 14 entries from 7 countries already! See the list of entries and make yours!