Whitmyer Wins Big In Talamone At Audi Melges 20 2014 Audi-Tron Sailing Series

Whitmyer Wins Big In Talamone At Audi Melges 20 2014 Audi-Tron Sailing Series ©2014 BPSE | Zerogradinard Related topics:

2 June 2014

Talamone, Italy - The third edition of the 2014 Audi-Tron Sailing Series circuit organized by B.Plan Sport & Events in collaboration with Melges Euope has concluded with American stars and stripes. Congratulations to Wes Whitmyer and his Slingshot crew comprised of tactician Max Fraser and Johnny 'Rockstar' Goldsberry as they triumphed over the more than thirty-five strong Audi Melges 20 fleet in Talamone, Italy. Whitmyer won the final race of the event, sealing the deal on the overall trophy win.

Placing second overall was Dario Levi 's Fremito D'Arja, while Achille Onorato's Mascalzone Latino Jr. came third.

Just missing podium position was Richard Davies ' Section 16 in fourth, ahead of the ever-increasing competitive Mirko de Falco on Peccere in fifth.

With the third act of the Audi Melges 20 2014 Audi-Tron Sailing Series now complete, every team now looks forward to preparing for the next challenge — Riva del Garda on 12-13 July. It will be the ultimate warm-up to the World Championship taking place on 25-30 August.

In addition to main sponsor Audi, the Audi Tron is supported by official sponsors Kuehne+Nagel, Torqeedo electric motors and technical partners such as the Ente Fiera di Genova, Nespresso, Olicor, Movidos, Norda and Frantoi Redoro.

1.) Wes Whitmyer/Max Fraser, Slingshot; 4-1-9-1 = 15
2.) Dario Levi/Nicolo Bianchi, Fremito D'Arja; 6-5-6-2 = 19
3.) Achille Onorato/Malcolm Page, Mascalzone Latino Jr.; 1-8-5-6 = 20
4.) Richard Davis/Charlie McKee, Section 16; 3-3-16-3 = 25
5.) Mirko de Falco/Guglielmo Giordano, Peccere; 5-4-11-5 = 25
6.) Marco Franchini/Sandro Montefusco, Mezza Luna; 18-15-2-12 = 47
7.) Lauro Bonora/Carlo Fracassoli, Camay; 12-7-14-7 = 50
8.) Jan Kuchar/Martin Trcka, Aloha; 21-14-7-8 = 50
9.) Federico Albano/Giulio Desiderato, 3Menda; 30-9-4-9 = 52
10.) Pasquale Orofino/Branko Brcin, Raffica; 9-6-3-BFD = 55
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