Ivan Babich Wins Inaugural Audi Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series First Event

28 October 2013

The 2013 Anywayanyday Cup came to the end on Sunday, 27 October in Monte Carlo after three days of competitive sailing. The event organized by the Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM), has been the first of the new Monaco Audi Melges 20 Winter Series, with four more events to follow starting in December 2013 running until March 2014. Next acts are 13-15 December, 17-19 January 2014, 7-9 February and 6-8 March. 

The new Monaco Audi Melges 20 Winter Series attracted twelve international teams, composed entirely by new owners, including the 26-year-old Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Monaco, who runs the colors of the Principality of Monaco. Crewing with Pierre was the USA veteran sailor Ed Baird, multiple world match race champion and 2007 America's Cup winner on board Alinghi. With the exception of Casiraghi and Italy's Matteo Marenghi Vaselli, the rest of the fleet is Russian, following Valentin Zavadnikov's Team Synergy project, joining together with him the Audi Melges 20 Class.

After nine races, Ivan Babich aboard Nakhimov Racing claimed 1st place at the 2013 Anywayanyday Cup, followed by Denis Lankin aboard Granitogres in second, then Svetlana Sorakina's B Team. Fourth place overall was YCM with Pierre Casiraghi al the helm. After two days of light wind, on Sunday all the crews enjoyed a strong breeze (16/18 knots with flat sea) that offered to the new owners the chance to appreciate the outstanding performances of the Audi Melges 20.

FULL RESULTS (FINAL - After 9 races with one discard)
1. NAKHIMOV RACING (Ivan Babich) pt. 20 (1,8,2,4,5,1,4,1,2)
2. GRANITOGRES (Denis Lankin) pt. 28 (3,3,3,3,1,8,2,7,6)
3. B TEAM (Svetlana Sorakina) pt. 40 (2,1,dns13,1,8,7,3,9,9)
4. YCM (Pierre Casiraghi) pt. 41 (6,2,10,6,11,6,6,4,1)
5. VERSYA 5 (Anatoly Karashinskiy) pt. 42 (5,10,5,7,4,3,1,12,7)
6. RUS 7 (Kirill Podolski) pt. 46 (9,5,7,12,10,5,5,2,3)
7. PIROGO SAILING (Alexander Ezhyov) pt. 51 (8,dnf13,4,8,3,2,8,10,8)
8. MATTEO (Matteo Marenghi Vaselli) pt. 58 (7,9,6,2,6,dnf13,12,3,ocs13)
9. SYNERSGY (Valentin Zavadnikov) pt. 58 (11,4,11,11,7,9,7,5,4)
10. RED OCTOBER (Artem Kuznekov) pt. 60 (4,6,1,9,12,11,10,8,11)
11. ANNA (Vladimir Silkin) pt. 60 (10,7,9,5,9,4,11,11,5)
12. SOFRINO BANK (Dimitry Malyhev) pt. 68 (dnc13,dnf13,8,10,2,10,9,6,10)

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For further information about the Audi Melges 20 Sportboat Winter Series, please visit : http://www.yacht-club-monaco.mc.