Tasmanians Take Home Double, 2013 Melges 32 Australian Championship and Asia Pacific Cup Series

22 April 2013

Today Sydney Harbour was picturesque, clear and sunny with light shifting 5 -10 knot winds from the South, South East in stark contrast to the conditions faced by the Melges 32 fleet yesterday. Middle Harbour Yacht Club made the best of conditions and finished the series, nine races in total.  

Day three began with newcomer to the class Chris Way's Easy Tiger III and Greg Prescott's 2Unlimited on equal points, and Gus Reid Maxstar applyed pressure one point behind. Prescott’s 2Unlimited almost served up the regatta crossing the line fourth in race six leaving Easy Tiger III ready to pounce on the Championship Title. Race seven finished and 2Unlimited claimed the gun only one second ahead of Maxstar as Prescott began to mount a comeback. Prescott was able to narrowly repeat the victory in race eight. Prescott’s crew could smell success as they sailed a shortened course for the final race, tactician Chris Nicholson picking the shifts to claim the overall lead and the title of 2013 Melges 32 Australian Championship. The Tasmanian team 2Unlimited representing the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania included Chris Nicholson, Darren Jones, James Corrie, Julian Salter, Russel Ely, Oliver Nicholas and Mark Jeffery. Although the final scoresheet shows six wins from nine starts, it doesn’t reflect the battles fought on the racecourse as the crew  kept their composure in difficult conditions to secure the win.

The Melges 32 Australian Championship event sponsor Magic Marine was appropriate after the intense rain, wind and waves yesterday. The Magic Marine racing apparel allowed crews to look professional and concentrate on what matters to win races. Prizes provided by Quantum sails will be valued after several sail mishaps in almost 30 knots of wind.

Celebrations moved to Middle Harbour Yacht Club Sandbar. The presentation was made including trophies and prizes provided by Magic Marine and Quantum Sails. Podium places went to Gus Reid Maxstar in third, Chris Way Easy Tiger III Second and Greg Prescott 2Unlimited first.

The National Championship was the final event in the Melges 32 Asia Pacific Cup Series, a series of five events held throughout the racing calendar. Celebrations for 2Unlimited continued into the evening after Heath Walters from Melges Asia Pacific presented the team with the coveted Asia Pacific Cup. Greg was proud of the predominantly Tasmanian crew’s achievement and is looking forward to taking the cup back to Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania for pride of place. 

TOP FIVE RESULTS (After 9 Races, One Discard)
1.) Greg Prescott, 2Unlimited; 1-4-[8]-1-1-4-1-1-1=14
2.) Chris Way, Easy Tiger III; 3-1-1-2-3-2-[4]-4-3=19
3.) Angus Reid, Maxstar; [4]-3-3-4-2-1-2-3-4=22 
4.) Barry Cuneo, Envy Scooters; 2-[8]-2-3-6-3-5-2-2=25
5.) Martin Cross, IF; 5-2-4-5-4-[6]-3-6-5=34 
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