Pozzi Takes Charge Of Melges 32 Key West Fleet

23 January 2013


It was yet another beautiful day on the water for the Melges 32 fleet participating at Premiere Racing's Quantum Key West 2013. More breeze gave way to three races leaving Andrea Pozzi on Bombarda sitting atop the podium in first place overall. Pozzi is ahead by one, but chased by Vincenzo Onorato's Mascalzone Latino in second and Keisuke Suzuki's Swing in third - both holding 23 points each.

The first race of the day marked great success for Onorato as he powered up, took an early lead and extended for the win. Overnight leader Lanfranco Cirillo on Fantastica on the other hand suffered a severe set back being called OCS on the start, resulting in his worst score yet. Richard Gorranson's Inga from Sweden and Deneen Demourkas on Groovederci battled throughout. Demourkas ultimately got the upperhand grabbing a nice second place finish.

With an all-clear start in Race Two, Pozzi had the speed he needed in order to take the bullet over Onorato in second with Cirillo getting back in the groove to take third.

Relatively brand new Melges 32 owner Gorranson found himself at the forefront of attention when he put his Inga From Sweden ahead in Race Three of the day. Suzuki had a fantastic final race placing second while Alex Jackson'sLeenabarca finished third.

Wednesday will feature more racing. With a sixth race in the fleet's near future, discards will go into effect and surely, there will be more surprising and perhaps shocking tweaks to the scoreboard.

The Melges 32 Class will be in Key West providing periodic updates on racing. Look forward to race reports and photos each evening. Bookmark melges32.com and stay in constant touch online at the Official Facebook Page of the International Melges 32 Class Association.

1.) Andrea Pozzi/Lorenzo Bressani, Bombarda; 1-8-6-1-6 = 22
2.) Vincenzo Onorato/Gabriele Benussi, Mascalzone Latino; 6-10-1-2-4 = 23
3.) Keisuke Suzuki/Chris Nicolson, Swing; 5-4-8-4-2 = 23
4.) Lanfranco Cirillo/Michele Paoletti, Fantastica; 4-1-11-3-7 = 26
5.) Alex Jackson/Paul Goodison, Leenabarca; 11-2-4-7-3 = 27
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