Marinelli Wins Viareggio

16 September 2012

Viareggio, Italy - Alessio Marinelli's Candida Sailing Team (today 1-2) repeats the great performance of Malcesine and wins the fourth act of the Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series held in Viareggio (September, 15th-16th).

Last night, the Audi Melges 20 helmed by Marinelli switched tacticians. Branko Brcin left to attend the Melges 32 World Championship being held in Newport, Rhode Island USA, was replaced by Pietro Sibello, one of the most talented Italian athletes. Candida was at ease with today's gentle breeze leaving behind Renato Vallivero's Turnover (5-11). Thanks to their second place finish Vallivero's Audi Melges 20, helmed by Marco Perazzo with Enrico Fonda as tactician remains as the leader of the circuit, sharing first place with Marinelli.

Achille Onorato accepted his first seasonal podium finish aboard his Mascalzone Latino Jr. (Bressani-Tortarolo, today 2-3). He has improved a lot in the results and now enters the top 10 of the circuit ranking.

Rounding out the top five is Francesco Farnetti's Carige (Zandonà-Musone, 17-5) and European champion, Guido Miani on Audi Ultra Out of Reach (Benussi-Sabadin, 3-15).

The last appointment of the season will be the Gold Cup Championship in Naples on November 1-4. Not only will it award the Class' highest trophy and honors, it will also be the decisive event for the final ranking of the 2012 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series.The Gold Cup will be preceded by Capolino Cup (27-28 October), an event that will help every team warm up to race in Naples.

In addition to Audi, the Audi Sailing Series is supported by the official timekeeper Eberhard & Co watches and Musto, the official technical supplier.

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TOP TEN RESULTS (FINAL - After 6 races, 1 discard)
1.) Alessio Marinelli/Branko Brcin, Candida Sailing Team; 5-2-(6)-1-1-2 = 11
2.) Renato Vallivero/ Marco Perazzo/Enrico Fonda, Turnover; 1-6-2-5-5-(11) = 19
3.) Achille Onorato/Lorenzo Bressani, Mascalzone Latino Jr.; 8-5-(20)-6-2-3 = 24
4.) Francesco Farneti/Gabrio Zandonà, Carige; 10-4-1-9-(17)-5 = 29
5.) Guido Miani/Gabriele Benussi, Audi Ultra Out of Reach; 9-3-7-8-3-(15) = 30
6.) Manfredi Vianini Tolomei/Lorenzo Bodini, Maolca; 6-1-3-(15)-15-8 = 33
7.) Mirko De Falco/Guglielmo Giordano, Peccerè; (22 (ZFP=26)-13-5-2-6-7 = 33
8.) Robert Wilber/Chris Rast, Cinghiale; (16 (ZFP=21)-7-9-7-10-1= 34
9.) Davide Albertini/Flavio Favini, Leviathan; 2-9-11-(18)-4-10 = 36
10.) Lauro Bonora/Carlo Fracassoli, Camay; 15-(22)-10-3-8-14 = 50

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