Marinelli On Candida Sailing Team Goes On To Win Malcesine

16 July 2012

It was the Peler, the real protagonist of the final day of the third event of the Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series, organized by B-Plan Sports&Events in collaboration with Fraglia Vela Malcesine and Melges Europe. From early morning, the wind from blew hard from the North with gusts exceeding 25 knots with an average intensity close to 20. The demanding conditions created many problems, event to the more experienced competing crews. In the end, the overall is very short: the top 5 boats held steadfast with only five points. 

Candida Sailing Team owned by Alessio Marinelli with Branko Brcin as tactician and trimmer Paolo Mangialardo confirmed their leadership. Just one point behind, was a surprising Claudio Dutto aboard Asante Santa - his best result ever in the Audi Sailing Series and winner among the Corinthians. At the lower stage of the podium, Fremito d’Arja of Levi-Casale-Lagi, and Achille Onorato matched them with his Mascalzone Latino Jr. Only a few weeks after their debut in Portoferraio, Onorato, Nathan Wilmot and Federedico Michetti sailed always among the best.

Smiles also for Giancarlo Capolino and Francesco Ivaldi, on board of Legionario, guarded their fifth place position with grit and determination.

Renato Vallivero’s Turnover didn’t lack in spirit. Coming off of a disappointing day on Saturday, the leader of the Audi Sailing Series dismasted in the race sailed in the early morning but rigged the boat again and gained the victory in the final race of the event.  This success allowed Marco Perazzo, Renato Vallivero and Enrico Fonda to confirm the leadership in the ranking of the Audi Sailing Series with 95 points, letting behind Audi supported by Eberhard & Co (Miani- Benussi-Sabadin) and Marinelli.

During the weekend, Albano's 3Menda (Albano-Desiderato-Trani-Masotto; 4-1-16) remained sharp winning the third race. It was widely considered the most difficult of the weekend. 

After Malcesine, the Audi Melges 20 fleet will move to Viareggio, on September 15-16 for the fourth event of the Audi Sailing Series.

The Audi Sailing Series are supported by the official timekeeper Eberhard & Co watches and Musto, official technical supplier.

LIVE from Malcesine!
The 2012 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series Event No. 3 were broadcasted live from Malcesine!
The recorded video are on Liveeye at livestream.com

 TOP TEN RESULTS (FINAL, After 5 races)
1.) Alessio Marinelli/Branko Brcin, Candida Sailing Team; 3-2-4-14-12 = 35
2.) Claudio Dutto/Fabio Zeni, Asante Sana; 7-8-11-3-7 = 36
3.) Dario Levi/Andrea Casale, Fremito d’Arja; 15-5-3-6-8 = 37
4.) Achille Onorato/Nathan Wilmot, Mascalzone Latino jr.; 2-24-7-1-4 = 38
5.) Giancarlo Capolino/Francesco Ivaldi, Legionario; 6-3-13-12-5 = 39
6.) Davide Albertini/Flavio Favini, Leviathan; 4-7-5-7-11(ZFP) = 40
7.) Lauro Bonora/Carlo Fracassoli, Camay;  8-11-10-10-3= 42
8.) Francesco Farneti/Alberto Bolzan, ITA 157; 17-12-8-2-6 = 45
9.) Manfredi Vianini Tolomei/Lorenzo Bodini, Maolca; 11-4-6-5-20 = 46
10.) Guido Miani/Gabriele Benussi, Audi Out of Reach; 9-1-12-11-14 = 47
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