Carroll's 'Argo' Smiles As Melges 32 Copa Del Rey Audi Mapfre Champion

6 August 2011

Palma de Mallorca, Spain - The last day of the 30th Copa del Rey Audi Mapfre, organized by the Real Club Nautico de Palma confirmed that those well begun is only half done. Indeed, the overall winner in the Melges 32 class is the all-American crew of owner/helmsman Jason Carroll aboard Argo. Alongside Carroll was a wonderful team of talent including tactician Cameron Appleton, Anthony Kotoun, Scott Norris, Charles Swanson, Lindsay Bartel, Peter Crawford and Andrew Koch. Since the first day of the championship, he has led series.

The team of Carroll and Appleton defended their leadership from the attacks of John Kilroy's Samba Pa Ti, who team is apparently rejuvenated by the addition of tactician Vasco Vascotto and mainsail trimmer Harry Melges,III. He won the final race, and just like the previous one, in light and shifty conditions.

Jason Carroll climbs atop the podium for the second time this season. His first win in Europe was in Malcesine. Kilroy shines with silver and looks forward to competing in September's World Championship with great revenge. For Kilroy, with Copa's final results, he revels in regaining top ranks in the 2011 European Ranking Series.

Also enjoying the pleasure of a podium finish is Edoardo Lupi's Torpyone. Lupi won the ninth race of the series and put Geoff Pierini's Shakedown on notice, forcing him to finish fourth. No matter what, Pierini was satisfied with his results in Palma. Luca Lalli's B-Lin Sailing finished fifth overall after spending several days in second and third.
In seventh, behind Marc de Antonio's Bribon-Movistar, was Lanfranco Cirillo's Fantastica. Cirillo and team bailed out of the last race of the series, fully satisfied with the experience and information acquired in view of the forthcoming World Championships.

With Copa del Rey Audi Mapfre complete, all eyes now focus on the World Championship on September 20-24, where the presence of 35 Melges 32s will no doubt deliver, great action, racing, emotion and excitement.

1.) Jason Carroll/Cameron Appleton, Argo; 1-3-1-5-2-3-3-[8]-3-1 = 22
2.) John Kilroy/Vasco Vascotto; Samba Pa Ti; [13]-5-7-3-1-1-4-1-2-5 = 29
3.) Edoardo Lupi/Branko Brcin, Torpyone; [15/RDS]-4-3-1-6-5-6-6-1-8 = 40
4.) Geoff Pierini/Steve Hunt, Shakedown; 4-[13]-2-4-8-4-1-3-5-9 = 40
5.) Luca Lalli/Lorenzo Bressani, B-Lin Sailing; 6-1-4-7-3-6-7-4-6-[11] = 44
6.) Marc de Antonio/Hugo Rocha, Bribon-Movistar; 5-6-8-9-7-8-5-[13]-7-4 = 59
7.) Lanfranco Cirillo/Michele Paoletti, Fantastica; 8-2-5-3-5-12-2-15-9-[18 DNC] = 60
8.) John Porter/Andy Burdick, Full Throttle; 10-10-13-8-4-2-[15]-9-4-15 = 75
9.) Peter Rogers/ Ruairidh Scott, Highlife; 3-8-16-6-14-15-[17]-2-13-3 = 80
10.) Wolfgang Stolz/Jesper Radich, Opus One; 9-14-6-15-[16]-14-12-7-11-6 = 94
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Copa Del Rey Audi Mapfre is event no. 5 of 6 on the European Ranking Schedule. The World Championship stage will present the final showdown between current Series leader Kilroy, Lalli in second and Cirillo in third.
TOP FIVE RESULTS (After 5 Events)
1.) John Kilroy, Samba Pa Ti = 258 points
2.) Luca Lalli, B-Lin Sailing = 273.50 points
3.) Lanfranco Cirillo, Fantastica = 277 points
4.) Edoardo Lupi, Torpyone = 328 points
5.) Jason Carroll, Argo = 429 points
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Without a doubt the Melges 32 is the darling of Copa Del Rey Audi Mapfre. Much press and media has surrounded the Melges 32 including candid owner interviews, television highlights and worldwide attention.
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