Favini Holds On To Lead In Key West, Tied With Bressani

19 January 2011

With optimum racing conditions in Key West, Flavio Favini at the helm for Franco Rossini’s Blu Moon firmly hangs on to the Melges 24 fleet lead by less than a thread. Crab pots for Favini today helped Lorenzo Bressani at the helm of Lorenzo Santini’s Uka Uka Racing acquire equal points to secure second overall. Alec Cutler on Hedgehog is third.

Two additional races took place with Cutler having an amazing first race of the day taking the win, which at the time, also awarded him a temporary overall lead of the fleet. Favini got back in the groove for race 2 with Brian Porter’s Full Throttle taking second. Bressani maintained a third place finish in both races of the day.

As the fleet looks to compete on Wednesday, the points spread is still quite tight meaning every team needs to go out with success in mind. Favini and Bressani are tied at the top with thirteen points each, followed by Cutler in third with 17 and Porter covers fourth with 18 points.

Top Five Results (After four races)
1.) Flavio Favini/Franco Rossini, Blu Moon; 2-1-9-1 = 13
2.) Lorenzo Bressani/Lorenzo Santini, Uka Uka Racing; 1-6-3-3 = 13
3.) Alec Cutler, Hedgehog; 7-2-1-7 = 17
4.) Brian Porter, Full Throttle; 4-7-5-2 = 18
5.) Bora Gulari, Air Force 1; 9-3-2-5 = 19

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