COMPETITOR ANNOUNCEMENT NO. 1 : 2010 Melges 32 World Championship

9 August 2010

Attention all World Championship competitors : In preparation for the upcoming Worlds on September 20-22 in San Francisco, Calif. USA, please see the following items pertaining to entry, warm-up events, race documentation deadlines and more! This is the first of several competitor announcements regarding Worlds so, if you've signed up to compete, stay close to your e-mail and melges32.com.


We have 20 teams currently registered for Worlds with more to come. There are as many as 11 additional teams that have verbally committed. All teams are encouraged to register now (if you have not already) at the Worlds Official Event Website.

Warm-Up Events

The 2010 California Cup/San Francisco Race Week (August 20-22) and Rolex Big Boat Series (September 16-19) are warm-up, non-sanctioned events. There will not be a weigh-in for either, and you will not be required to submit a crew or sail declaration for these events. Thus far, 9 teams have signed up to play at the Cal Cup and 13 are on for RBBS. If you intend to warm-up for Worlds at either of these events, please register as soon as possible:

2010 California Cup
2010 Rolex Big Boat Series

Worlds Weigh-In

There will be only one weigh-in conducted for Worlds. Weigh-in, as detailed in the NOR (see for exact times), will begin on Monday, September 13 - Wednesday, September 15. Additional weigh-in days are Monday, September 20 and Tuesday, September 21. There are NO WEIGH-IN times scheduled while RBBS/Pre-Worlds is in progress. You may utilize any of the days detailed above to weigh-in for Worlds.

Crew Declarations

Crew Declarations for the 2010 Melges 32 World Championship are due Wednesday, August 18. Please make sure that you have you declaration in ON TIME. All Crew Declarations are published online.

Fill Out A Crew Declaration Online
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For those teams that have already submitted Crew Declarations, do check the Crew List posted online for any expired classifications. Renewals are indicated for several owners that need to have ISAF Classification's renewed. Every Owner and declared crew MUST POSSESS A VALID CLASSIFICATION WHILE RACING. For further assistance and/or questions, please contact International Melges 32 Class Association Administrator, Joy Dunigan as soon as possible.

Permanent Bow NO.S

Beginning with the World Championship, the International Melges 32 Class Association will implement permanent bow numbers. These bow numbers will carry forward with you and your boat globally. If you have not selected/submitted your bow number to the IM32CA, please do so now. Send your request to International Melges 32 Class Association Administrator, Joy Dunigan today.

Class Membership

All teams must be 2010 Class Members.

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