Powerful Thunderstorm Cuts Short Day 2 Of Gold Cup

23 July 2010

Sole Completed Race Tightens Battle For First Before Squall

July 23, 2010 (Malcesine, Italy) - 
Halfway through a typically perfect day at the 2010 Audi Melges 20 Gold Cup, a line of thunderstorms raced up the valley, forcing abandonment of all racing in the middle of the second race of the day.

"We shortened the course for Race 5 when the storm got close, but it came too quickly to safely allow the race to continue," said PRO Fabio Barrasso. "We knew there would be trouble today when we saw the forecast, and while it would have been great to have two full races, safety is always our first concern."

The single race saw second-place Benedetto Giallongo's Value Team cut Reggini's lead over them in half, to just two points, while Luca Domenici's Notaro Team came away with a win, also closing the gap to Reggini. Regatta leading tactician Branko Brcin was stoic about their lead. "It's not far back to second place, and there's a lot of racing left to go," he said. "Value Team has the whole package; good sails, good crew, and good helmsman, so we will have to sail very well to beat them and the rest of the teams here in Malcesine."

An early finish to the day allowed the racers plenty of time to prepare an all-out dinner and dance party hosted by the Club and title sponsor Audi at the Fraglia Vela Malcesine. Audi representative Stefano Bareggi said, "We do our best to create a great atmosphere for the racers and their families, and we know they appreciate it, because so many new racers are becoming new Audi Melges 20 Owners!"

Racing will begin Saturday at 1130 CET, one hour earlier than scheduled, to ensure that the maximum number of races are completed for the 2010 Audi Melges Gold Cup.

Full video replays of all of Thursday's racing can be viewed at the Melges Europe Facebook Page, along with extensive photo galleries from onsite photographer Meredith Block and video clips and interviews from today's racing. Provisional results after four races:

Top Ten Results (After 4 Races)
1.) Francesco Farneti, Reggini Sailing Team; 3-2-1-4 = 10
2.) Benedetto Giallongo, Value Team; 1-1-8-2 = 12
3.) Luca Domenici, Notaro Team; 5-8-4-1 = 18
4.) Marco Perazzo/Renato Vallivero, Turnover; 10-4-2-9 = 25
5.) Stefano di Properizio, HULK; 4-3-14-6 = 27
6.) Marco Morina, Sei Tu 20; 2-6-12-10 = 37
7.) Claudio Recchi, Team 93; 11-7-11-8 = 37
8.) Lauro Bonora, Camay; 7-12-7-12 = 38
9.) Fausto Rubbini, Thule; 13-5-3-19 = 40
10.) Federico Strocchi, Cheyenne; 8-16-9-7 = 40
Full Results
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Full Entry List 

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2010 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series Results (After 3 Events)
1.) Benedetto Giallongo, Value Team; 51 pts.
2.) Carlo Alberini, Calvi Network; 53 pts.
3.) Luca Domenici, Notaro Team; 62 pts.
4.) Francesco Farnetti, Reggini Sailing Team; 63 pts.
5.) Renato Vallivero, Turnover; 71 pts. 

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