Calvi Network Escapes The Pack

12 June 2010

June 12, 2010 (Riva del Garda) — Calvi Nework's Carlo Alberini dominates the first stage of the Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series Event No. 3.

1,2,2: These results, although partial, leave no question about who is clearly the strongest sailor in the race on the Riva del Garda.

Gabriele Benussi, tactics, as usual alongside Carlo Alberini, managed to hold tight to the sides of each race, consistently putting Calvi Network in first position or in a favorable position.

The first race, slightly delayed by the lack of a consistent wind direction, was won by Calvi Network without their slightest concern, by the first windward mark they already had a substantial margin, unbridgeable for the pursuers. Thule's Fausto Rubbini (replaced at the helm by Mauro Mocchegiani) with Matteo Ivaldi finnises in second while third place goes to Alessandro Molla on Spring Sailing Team (Niccolò Bianchi tactics).

It will be the crew who has the most motivation that will win the second round, leaving behind Calvi Network and Reggini Sailing Team's Francis Farneti (Branko Brcin tactics).

During the last race of the day a speech then a brawl, which lasted nearly all of the regatta, between the current interim leader of Calvi Network and Reggini Sailing Team left no one with the upper hand on arrival.

Provisional overall standings after 3 races:

1 - CALVI NETWORK (Alberini / Benussi): 1,2,2:pt. 5
2 - THULE (Mocchegiani / Ivaldi): 2,6,3:pt. 11
3 - SPRING SAILING TEAM (Molla / Bianchi): 3,1,11:pt. 15
4 - HULK (Di Properzio / N.Wilmoth):6,4,5:pt. 15
5 - REGGINI SAILING TEAM (Farneti / Brcin): 15,3,1:pt. 19
6 - NOTARO TEAM (Domenici / Vigo): 5,7,8:pt. 20
7 - JINGLE (Stefano Sacchi / Federica Salvà): 4,9,9:pt. 22
8 - VALUE TEAM (Giallongo / Fonda): 11,8,4:pt. 23
9 - TURNOVER (Perazzo / Cassinari): 12,5,6:pt. 23
10 - SEI TU 20 (Morina / Del Rio): 7,10,15:pt. 32

Followed by 20 teams.

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