The Who's Who of the 2010 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series

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19 March 2010

Milan, 17 March 2010 - The countdown to the first cannon shot of the 2010 Audi Sailing Series has started.

The first boat race will be the Audi Melges 32 which kicks-off again in Lerici March 26 to 28. Guaranteeing a great start will be the quality, strength and competitiveness of this fleet that has more than twenty boats confirmed, representing seven countries from three continents.

Real balances and power relations for the race to the best of 2010 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series will be known only in a few weeks. The quality of teams in the race, and their great insight, guarantee sparks from the start.

The leaders pole is a place that includes a few, individuals reserving their positions include the winner of the 2009 Audi Sailing Series, Calvi Network's Carlo Alberini and the world champion from the U.S., Pieter Bliksem Taselaar. With the "specialist" Gabriele Benussi, tactician winner of both editions of the Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series already this season, and the "terrible" Nathan and Jeremy Wilmoth, unbeaten in all Melges 32 appearances on the Audi race course in Europe in 2009 joining the elite group.

In the wake of the two team champions a group of experienced crews, many of whom have trophy wins and many miles behind them, will offer a challenging aspect to the circuit. Joe Fly for Giovanni Maspero (vice current world champion), Audi Team Mascalzone Latino of Vincenzo Onorato, Fantastica's Lanfranco Cirillo, Pilot Italy Francesco Martino, Sei Tu 32's Antonello Morina, Janas' Roberto Pardini, Hublot Big Bang by Ferdinand Battistella, Torpyone'sEdoardo Lupi, Brother Martin Brothers' Pavesio, Bagua's Andrea Cecchetti, Rush Diletta's Mauro Mocchegiani, LEA's Ernesto Faraco, Spirit of Simone's Jacopo Bianchetti, just to name a few, will be back to racing, 6 months since their last appearance.

With the title of best rookie of the year (2009), Brontolo's Filippo Pacinotti enters the group where he can be an absolute star if he can provide continuity for the flashes of class he repeatedly drawn on the race courses last year. Next is Brontolo's Swedish champion Freddy Loof, bring the crew through a steady growth into the global top ten by the end of the season.

The title of best newcomer in 2010 (and perhaps not only that) is Luca Lalli, who has opted to jump from an Audi Melges 20, which was one of the best performers last season, to the helm of a Melges 32, B Lin. Luca Lalli shows she has the awe of the seniors of the fleet, noted for her absolute depth in sailing by Lorenzo Bressani and Flavio Favini. Although trailing behind, B Lin has already gained ground after an impressive showing at Monte Carlo in the Primo Cup. After a close battle with Lalli who was ahead in the standings and then Bliksem, providing extra stimulus to confirm they are still unapproachable. The title of best newcomer in the circuit goes to I.Nova'sCarlo Pesenti, who after his display of power at the 2009 World Cup, will focus fully on the 2010 Audi Sailing Series's other newcomers, Carlo Perrone on Atlantica 19 and Francesco Serena.

The footprints left by winning Bliksem last season opened the way for the arrival of several foreign teams all with the sole purpose of replicating what was done to see Bliksem win, namely high costs. The outcome is far from predictable but unlike previous years the weather has been classified by the blue fleet as extremely "warm". Keep an eye on the surprise from the last Miami Grand Prix, the French Teasing Machine that gave the second season of sorrow to Bliksem.

From the rest of the continent arriving in Italy will be the British Red team of Joe Woods, Highlife of Peter Rogers, Barbarians for Stuart Simpson, that Opus One Teutonic Wolfgang Stolz, in addition to new entries Orange Roark'sowner Kees Kaan.

The Australian team of Steve Jackson and the U.S. Argo of Jason Carroll and Samba Pa Ti's John Kilroy complete the foreign fleet, which aims to increase further during the season.

(Stefano Bareggi / b.plan)

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