Melges 24 Volvo Winter Cup: All In is the Winter Champion

Melges 24 Volvo Winter Cup: All In is the Winter Champion © 2010 Niccolò Bianchi Related topics:

1 March 2010

From 27th to 28th of February the last appointment of Volvo Winter Cup had taken place in Sanremo, so closing the winter regattas and opening the exciting 2010 Volvo Cup.

The boat of Renato Vallivero, All In helmed by Pietro Sibello won anticipating all the challengers. The last appointment had seen a great participation of new boats and fear crews. Among them it was possible to notice the exploit of the boat Hurricane that belongs to Paolo Testolin and Gianni Catalogna. This was a new crew composed by the young Alberto Bolzan in the helmsman role and Daniele Cassinari as tactician. That appointment had also involved many foreign crews that are now endear to the Italian regattas. Jean Marc Monnard stood out among all the international figures. From years he kept to the top of Melges 24 class.

At the moment there is a big turmoil in the timeless Melges 24 class due to the waiting for the new 2010 season. So be ready, because from 12nd to 14th of March we will enjoy ourself always in Sanremo and always on the mythic Melges 24!