Melges 24 Speed Clinic Weekend: Day 1

26 February 2010

The Melges 24 Speed Clinic organized by Melges Europe is begun!

This is what is happened today:

At h 9.30 there was the briefing to have one short theoretical introduction to Melges 24. The mood of this morning in the Sanremo Yacht Club was characterized by many interesting questions, some laugh, amazement and curiosity.

At h 12.30 all the crews were ready on the water, but unfortunately the wind was too strong (25 knots) and the sea too big, so all the teams was forced to come back to the harbour.

Despite that the time on the ground was not in vain. The doubts about the ropes and the boat equipement could be solved thanks to the help and the advices of Federico Michetti.

Tomorrow the first regatta of the Volvo Winter Cup last appointment is going to take place. The Melges Europe rubber dinghy will stay on the water to follow the regattas and to give a technical report on what will happen on the water at the end of the day.

Stay tuned for the updates…

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