Melges 24 Speed Clinic Weekend, 26-28 February at Yacht Club Sanremo

25 February 2010

Melges 24 speed clinic, organized by Melges Europe and held by Melges 24 World Champion Federico Michetti and Vice-European Champion Niccolò Bianchi, will take place this weekend in Sanremo!

The appointment is fixed for Friday 26th. On Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th, the final act of the Melges 24 Volvo Winter Series will take place. 

This appointment will be a great occasion to optimize your Melges 24 Sailing: Federico Michetti and Niccolò Bianchi will give you some theoretical and technical advices and will be on board to check and optimize the equipment of your Melges 24. This will be a great chance to catch all their secrets!

Following the detailed program of the event and, enclosed, the suggested base tuning guide.

See you in Sanremo...sailing fast on your Melges 24!

Friday, February 26th 
h 8.00 - Appointment.
h 9.00 - Technical Breafing
h 11.00 - All boats ready on the water
h 12.00 - Appointment outside the harbour
h 12.00 > 12.30 - Free tests
h 12.30 > 14.30 - Speed tests and starts
h 15.00 > 16.30 - Advisement onboard
h 18.00 - D breafing

Saturday, February 27th
Observation of the regattas with final comments.

On Sunday, February 28th


For more information please contact:Federico Michetti or Melges Europe
Phone: +39 0294435078