New Melges 32 Owner Luca Lalli Wins 26th Primo Cup Trophee Credit Suisse!

New Melges 32 Owner Luca Lalli Wins 26th Primo Cup Trophee Credit Suisse! ©2010 Stefano Gattini | B-Plan Related topics:

15 February 2010

Milano, Italy; 15 February 2010 - The 26th edition of the Primo Cup Trophee Credit Suisse has concluded with several days full of emotion and excitement while racing the Melges 32. The fleet was anxious to get back to racing after a long winter break. In a fleet of nine, amongst them were some of the best sailors in the world. In particular, sailing with 2009 Melges 32 World Champion Pieter Taselaar’s Bliksem, the Wilmot brothers of Jeremy and Nathan (470 Gold Medallist, Beijing Olympics) were intact. After winning Worlds, Taselaar purchased a second boat for sailing the European Audi Sailing Series. Other teams that participated at the Primo Cup, that also competed at Worlds was the Czech team led by Martin Knetig with the support of his tactician Martin Trcka on Black Mamba. High-level Italian teams were also attending, including Lorenzo Bressani calling tactics for Primo Cup winner Luca Lalli on the B Lin Sailing Team. Also aboard was the young Alberto Bolzan replacing Flavio Favini in the mainsail trimmer role. Pietro D'Alì (most notably known for his ocean sailing accomplishments with Giovanni Soldini) called tactics for Carlo Pesenti’s I-Nova 2 Melges 32.

After three days of incredible racing Lalli’s B Lin Sailing won the Primo Cup! Lalli, along with the extraordinary efforts of tactician Bressani, lead the event from start to finish gaining a big advantage on day one, proving they could hold their own in the tough fleet that had assembled in Monaco. Taselaar was second with this Bliksem team. Their solid performance was confirmation that they are getting better and better and, potentially are the team to beat in 2010. The real surprise was the success of the regatta was edoardo Lupi’s Torpyone with Olympian Diego Negri serving as tactician. They had a great weekend and excelled this past weekend for an amazing, well-deserved third place finish.

“I am very happy and sincerely, never expected to win the first regatta of the season,” said Lalli. “At this very moment, the Melges 32 provides owners with a thrilling racing experience, while at the same time allowing you to compete against the greatest sailors in the world, many of them World Championship. The Melges 32 is really fun, which I know will continue to attract more owners and members of this class. We are planning on participating in the Audi Sailing Series and are very much looking forward to competing at Worlds in San Francisco — that is our 2010 season goal!

Top Ten Results (FINAL)
1.) Luca Lalli, B Lin Sailing Team (17 pts.)
2.) Pieter Taselaar, Bliksem (22 pts.)
3.) Edoardo Lupi, Torpyone (28 pts.)
4.) Carlo Perrone, Bitipi (28 pts.)
5.) Ferdinando Battistella, Big Bang (31 pts.)
6.) Martin Knetig, Black Mamba (31 pts.)
7.) Peter Rogers, Highlife (39 pts.)
8.) Carlo Pesenti, I-NOVA 2 (44 pts.)
9.) Edoardo Pavesio, Fra Martina (48 pts.)