ISAF Update : Elimination of Group 2

ISAF Update : Elimination of Group 2 Related topics:

15 January 2010

On 1 April 2010 Group 2 is being eliminated as a classification and only Group 1 and 3 will be used. This was agreed by ISAF Council at their meeting in Busan last November. This change to the classification system has been introduced after extensive consultation with the Classes and Events using it and will, we all believe, help to simplify the Code and make it easier to understand. We very much look forward to your help in making this a smooth transition.

The new Code, effective 1 April, is now on the ISAF website in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
The FAQs are available on the website in English and translations will be available shortly. They cover all the changes arising from the elimination of Group 2.

Please make a new application in order to get a new classification. This should be done using the normal application process. However the timing of your application is important and is as follows:

If you are required to have a classification for any event or series taking place before 1 April you should not apply until it is finished.

If you are not required to have a classification until after 1 April then you may apply in advance but not before 15 February.

If you have not reapplied by 8 April we will send you a reminder and place
your classification 'under review'.

Sailors should contact the ISAF Secretariat in the usual way if they require further help.