Turn It Up Australia — Brand New Melges Sportboats Are All The Rage

8 January 2010

This weekend, another brilliant step in the ever progressive Melges 32 and Audi Melges 20 fleets happens in Australia. Reigning Farr 30 World Champion Guy Stenning takes his brand new Melges 32 Optimum out for a stroll. By looking at the Photos, guaranteed this was no normal act of ‘walking the dog,’ in fact it’s electric. 

The energy surrounding the fleets worldwide has turned the sportboat industry on its ear. So, listen up! The Melges 32 is here to stay and by far is the best alternative, big boat option. Plenty of speed, unprecedented power, simple to sail and a Melges style competitive attitude surrounds its entire being. Owners just can’t seem to get enough of this major powerhouse.

The first wave of Audi Melges 20s to the land down under has also arrived. Surely, it too will be equally successful with its no-hiking, legs-in, simple, fun and fast sailing features.

Melges Europe President, Federico Michetti has traveled to Australia, standing firm alongside of Heath Walters at Northshore Yachting trading as Melges Asia Pacific for the big delivery and push. “The Melges 32 has always been popular in Australia, and with this delivery, there are more great things to come.” said Michetti. “Also, with the arrival of the Audi Melges 20s, the future looks very bright.”

Download the Australia Melges 32 Promo

Everyone is cordially invited to join Federico, Heath Walters and new owner Guy Stenning this weekend at CYC in Sydney, January 09-10 from 10am - 3pm for presentations on boat sportboats, demos and test sails this weekend. To make an appointment, call 0418 229 961.