Audi Melges 20 Tune-Up: A Good First One

 Audi Melges 20 Tune-Up: A Good First One © 2009 Stefano Schiaffino Related topics:

18 November 2009

The first appointment with the Audi Melges20 Winter Tune-Up set up in Savona the last week-end. It has been a really good opportunity to training during the winter time , to get ready for the next season 2010 with the aim to have a look at the team’s preparation and check the tuning step of the boats. North Sails Italy has given a great chance to all the teams to optimize the sails settings in different conditions with speed test series.

Except the lack of the wind in the first day, Savona shows to be a great location for the winter training. Tramontana's wind, blowing lightly for the 2 days, giving light-medium conditions to play. The Audi Melges 20 Tune-Up will continue in the 28-29 of November, and the end is expected for December the 12-13. During this last week-end is going to take place the Christmas Race and the event will close the wiinter training sessions.

Moreover we rembember you that the free trial of Audi Melges 20 will go on even for the next two planned week end.

For any further information please contact: info@melgeseurope.com