Joe Fly and Uka Uka Racing Share the Podium at the Audi Melges 32 World Championship

Joe Fly and Uka Uka Racing Share the Podium at the Audi Melges 32 World Championship © Guido Trombetta / B-Plan Related topics:

27 September 2009

As published by Audi - B-Plan

Porto Cervo - The tenth and final race of Audi Melges 32 World Championship reached its final verdict to determine the remaining steps of the podium behind the World Champion Bliksem today.

The race today was a photo finish that ended with 3 teams in a close battle. Giovanni Maspero's Joe Fly (Francesco Bruni as tactician) in the tenth race (wind around 7 knots) tried to replicate the success of race number 9. Lorenzo Santini and Alessio Marinelli's Uka Uka Racing, with Lorenzo Bressani aboard, ended in seventh place: this tied them with Joe Fly in terms of ranking.

Team 93 came in ninth, putting them one point below its rivals. Giovanni Maspero's Joe Fly can cheer for an unexpected result, that confirms their name is synonymous with success at every appearance. The men of Uka Uka Racing also have their satisfaction after a troubled season.

Team 93 must have a bitter taste in their mouth from being able to dominate the first part of World Championship, but not bringing home a title that was at their door. Team 93 should be credited although for being the only real opponent of the formidable Bliksem and having ignited the spectacular duel of Audi Melges 32 World Championship.

Also in the top ten were the American Argo (Jason Carroll), fifth, followed by Mascalzone Latino, Pilot Italia, Bagua, the British Red and Brontolo.

The first Audi Melges 32 World Championship hosted by Yacht Club Costa Smeralda closes the long season of races hosted by Audi.

Final overall standings - Audi Melges 32 World Championship 2009 after 10 races:

1-BLIKSEM -USA (Taselaar / J.Wilmot) 6,2,1,1,14,8,4,5,2,(DNC):pt.43
2-JOE FLY (Maspero / Bruni) 3,12,20,5,2,9,14,7,1,1:pt.54
3-UKA UKA RACING (Santini-Marinelli / Bressani) 4,11,19,6,9,3,2,2,10,7:pt.54
4-TEAM 93 (Recchi / McKee) 2,1,2,3,1,11,17,9,(DSQ),9:pt.55
5-ARGO - USA(Carroll / Baxter) 10,10,6,17,6,15,3,19,3,5:pt75
6-MASCALZONE LATINO (Onorato / Stead) 12,3,5,14,7,5,12,13,9,15:pt.80
7-PILOT ITALIA (Martino / Paoletti) 8,8,4,2,24,12,7,6,25,10:pt.81
8-BAGUA (Cecchetti / Vascotto) 5,7,18,10,3,10,1,16,13,26:pt.83
9-RED-GBR (Woods / Lenz) 1,6,11,11,4,20,19,1,19,12:pt.84
10-BRONTOLO (Pacinotti / Loof) 14,15,DNF,13,11,2,8,3,6,13:pt.84