Third Day Of Racing Leaves Recchi Still Atop The Audi Melges 32 Worlds

Third Day Of Racing Leaves Recchi Still Atop The Audi Melges 32 Worlds ©2009 JOY | International Melges 32 Class Association Related topics:

25 September 2009

Porto Cervo, Italy - Day three in Porto Cervo at the Audi Melges 32 World Championship, hosted by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda produced three more races to bring the event up to 6 races completed. Extending his overall lead by an additional 5 points is Claudio Recchi on ITA-93 Team 93. In second is Pieter Taselaar on USA-169 Bliksem and third is Giovanni Maspero on ITA-999 Joe Fly.

Wednesday gave way to the first day of racing under gorgeous blue skies, sunshine, moderate breezes and somewhat lumpy seas. Out front almost immediately at the start of the first race of the day was Maspero rounding the windward mark in first, Joe Woods on GBR-500 Red in second while overnight leaders Recchi and Taselaar appeared deeper in the fleet. Downwind Maspero held his own, however catching him at the gate was Recchi, Woods and Francesco Martino on ITA-184 Pilot Italia. Three way into the mark, Recchi challenged Maspero while Martino chose the leeward gate. The fleet was tight at the bottom, one of the most aggressive roundings seen thus far in the championship. Back upwind Recchi longed to assume the lead, but Taselaar worked his way through the fleet, making his way into the lead. It was a heated battle downwind between Recchi, Martino and Taselaar. For the finish, Taselaar took the win, Martino was second and Recchi took third.

Race two saw Andrea Cecchetti on ITA-753 Bagua with tactician Vasco Vascotto spring off the starting line to challenge Recchi's assault on the fleet. Maspero kept up with both Cecchetti and Recchi. Maspero eventually played the shifts just right to take second place behind Recchi in first. Cecchetti took third.

The final race of the day began to feel the effects of lighter breezes and continued lumpy seas with 2009 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series Champion Carlo Alberini on ITA-186 Calvi Network finally getting a piece of the action. Challenging Alberini and hot off the starting line out to the right side for the best pressure was Vincenzo Onorato on ITA-2121 Mascalzone Latino and Cecchetti. At the top Alberini rounded first, then Onorato both pulling ahead and beginning to separate themselves from the fleet. Cecchetti rounded third. Downwind it was a heated battle for first between Alberini and Cecchetti. Making big moves on the downwind run was European Fleet President Filippo Pacinotti on ITA-667 Brontolo. At the leeward gate, the race committee sounded a course change and shortened the length for the final finish leg. The battle between Alberini and Onorato continued while Pacinotti patiently, yet aggressively improved his position in the race. The breeze began to drop off for the finish with Alberini taking the win, Pacinotti having an amazing race taking second and Armando Guilietti helming ITA-1 Uka Uka Racing moving up for a spectacular third place finish. Luigi Melegari on ITA-181 Matrix took fourth and Onorato took fifth.

It was not the best day of performances for overall leader Recchi. An 11th place finish in the third race of the day was his discard, allowing him to maintain the top spot, nine points ahead of second place Pieter Taselaar.

With discards in place after six races, some new faces appear in the top ten. Among them are Maspero who had a spectacular day with a 5-2-9 scoreline moving him in to third. Onorato moves from fourth to fifth and Guilietti moved from tenth to sixth.

Three more races are anticipated on Saturday, day 4 of the Audi Melges 32 World Championship 2009.

Top Ten Results (After 6 Races)
1.) Claudio Recchi, Team 93; 2-1-2-3-1-[11] = 9
2.) Pieter Taselaar, Bliksem; 6-2-11-[14]-8 = 18
3.) Giovanni Maspero, Joe Fly; 3-12-[20]-5-2-9 = 31
4.) Vincenzo Onorato, Mascalzone Latino; 12-3-5-[14]-7-5 = 32
5.) Joe Woods, Red; 1-6-11-11-4-[20] = 33
6.) Armando Guilietti/Lorenzo Santini, Uka Uka Racing; 4-11-[19]-6-9-3 = 33
7.) Francesco Martino, Pilot Italia; 8-8-4-2-[25]-12 = 34
8.) Andrea Cecchetti, Bagua; 5-7-[18]-10-3-10 = 35
9.) Carlo Alberini, Calvi Network; 13-[20]-14-14-4-10-1 = 42
10.) Stefano di Properizio, Mataran; 7-4-3-12-16-[23]= 42

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