Predictions on the Winner are Impossible at the First Audi Melges 32 World Championship

21 September 2009

As published by Audi - B-Plan

Porto Cervo - in Porto Cervo, you can feel the tension of a global challenge in the air.

It's only a matter of time, because on Wednesday the first Audi Melges 32 World Championship will begin.

This much awaited championship comes after an intense season of racing, having been more than two months since the last event of the Audi circuit.

Many teams in the world have been further strengthened with changes and new additions to the crews that point in no uncertain terms to the World Champion title. It is also conceivable that some balance within the fleet, from July to now has changed: which will begin to show tomorrow at the warm up, but it is likely that the best cards when talking about Pre-tactical, remain well covered with each team waiting to see the first points assigned. The last rehearsal tomorrow will be only virtual, although opponents may not resist the temptation to push on the accelerator immediately without much reserve.

The forecast this time, more than ever, is impossible to be certain of the name of the Melges 32 World Champion for 2009 before the last measure of conclusive evidence on Sunday 27 September.


1-ARGO - USA (owner Jason Carroll / tactician John Baxter)
2-BAGUA (Andrea Cecchetti / Vasco Vascotto)
3-BIG BANG HUBLOT (Ferdinando Battistella / Sandro Montefusco)
4-BITIPI - MON (Savino Formentini / Tommaso Chieffi)
5-BLACK MAMBA - CZE (Knetig Martin / Martin Trcka)
6-BLIKSEM - USA (Pieter Taselaar Jeremy Wilmot)
7-BRONTOLO (Filippo Pacinooti / Freddy Loof)
8-CALVI NETWORK (Carlo Alberini / Gabriele Benussi)
9-FANTASTICAA (Lanfranco Cirillo / Nico Celon)
10-FRA MARTINA CORTINA D'AMPEZZO (Edo Vanni Pavesio / Andrea Rachelli)
11-HIGHLIFE - GBR (Peter Rogers / Rob Larke)
12-I.NOVA 2 (Carlo Pesenti / Gian Carlo Simeoli)
13-INDEED - AUS (Stephen Peel / Blake Robertson)
14 JANAS (Roberto Pardini / Andrea Trani)
15-JOE FLY (Giovanni Maspero / Francesco Bruni)
16-LEA (Ernesto Faraco / Francesco Cruciani)
17-MASCALZONE LATINO (Vincenzo Onorato / Adrian Stead)
18-MATARAN (Stefano Di Propertius / Matteo Ivaldi)
19-MATRIX (Luigi Amedeo Melegari / Ray Davies)
20-OPUS ONE - GER (Wolfgang Stolz / Kelvin Harrap)
21-PILOT ITALIA (Francesco Martino / Michele Paoletti)
22-RED - GBR (Joe Woods / David Lenz)
23-RUSH DILETTA (Mauro Mocchegiani / Andrea Casale)
24-SEI TU 32 (Antonello Morina / Branko Brcin)
25-SHAKEDOWN - USA (Geoffrey Pierini / Scott Kulp)
26-TEAM 93 (Claudio Recchi / Jonathan McKee)
27-TEAM BARBARIANS -GBR (Stuart Simpson / Nigel Young)
28-TEASING MACHINE - FRA (Jean Francois Cruette / Cedric Poiligny)
29-TORPYONE (Edoardo Lupi / Diego Negri)
30-UKA UKA RACING (Lorenzo Santini - Alessio Marinelli / Lorenzo Bressani)