Burton Wins 2009 E-Scow National Championships

13 September 2009

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The report after the second day of racing ended with ...

"So, after a great party tonight, another fantastic dinner at the Waters and the hand off of the E scow class from Rick Turner to Art Brereton the fleet is ready to crown a new champion tomorrow.  Will it be Burton - will he continue his smart sailing? Or will Rogers or Vincent Porter, Jeff Bonanni and others stage a comeback and steal the championship?  We will see. It is the 2009 E scow national championship on Oshkosh - anything can happen!"

Blake Middleton called for a 9:00 warning signal for the last day in hopes there would be another morning breeze like the day before. Unfortunately, it just wasn't enough for a decent race. The RC was on the water observing and reporting on the radio - we heard 3 mph and the direction was mostly north. The longer they were out the less optimistic they sounded about the wind.

At about 10:30 Blake announced it wasn't going to happen. End of regatta. Tom Burton, Bruce Martinson, and Andy Fergusen are the 2009 Champions.

The Principal Race Officer, Blake Middleton, received congratulations from every competitor present. To be able to get three quality races in, given the weather  conditions for the three days, was a tremendous effort and accomplishment. He is clearly a sailor's Race Officer. His priority was to get as many quality races in as possible - and three were all that was possible! He kept the competitors informed regularly while on shore waiting for the wind or when on the water trying to organize the next start. Excellent job!

Regatta chairperson Diana Isom, all members of the Oshkosh Yacht Club and the Wyman's The Waters, went all out to make this an enjoyable event. More importantly they worked with Blake Middleton to make the regatta possible. They twice pushed back dinner plans a couple of hours to allow some twilight racing. Without a 6:00 PM start we would not have had the minimum three races to complete the regatta.