Augie Barkow Wins E Scow I.L.Y.A. Invitational

13 July 2009

After a postponement to allow the wind to fill in and settle down the last race of the regatta got off at 11:07 Sunday morning. The course was a 2+ at 305 degrees and the winds were 5-7 at the start and built during the race to 7-11. A few minutes into the start sequence it shifted left and the boats could barely cross the line on starboard. It was the usual suspects at the port end that tacked on to port and jumped on top of the fleet (Porter, Burton, Barkow, Graves, Hannaford, Gluek, ...).

At the first mark it was Hannaford, Graves, Burton, Barkow, Gluek, Schoor (It's true, I went to 6 places just to get my name in print). The lead boats were pulled high and the boats behind were able to sink in a puff. This closed the leader gap and the first 10 boats were tightly packed at the leeward gates. Graves moved into the lead at the upwind mark coming off the south shore point to cross the lake. He held the lead to the finish. Tobin Tornhl was second, followed by Burton, Porter, Barkow. The H-8 (Hugh and Tim Sugar) were all by themselves on the north shore and found a great slant coming off the shore on starboard and rounded 6th moving up 5 places. Then it was Hannaford, Schoor, Matt Schmidt (H-36), and Gluek. Things spread out a little on the way to the second downwind mark but not enough to give the leaders any comfort. Again the fleet split on the last upwind leg, some taking the South shore and others the North. The results were mixed depending on when you were there. Schoor moved from 10th to 6th on the final leg with a nice slant off the south shore, and other had like results on the North shore. At the finish it was Graves, Burton, Tornhl, Porter, Barkow, Schoor, Hannaford, Sugar, Schmidt. Congratulations to Sugar and Schmidt from Lake Mendota - a couple of younger sailors getting a taste of some success - that should keep them hooked.

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