An Impressive Fourth Consecutive Win For Benedetto Giallongo At Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series 2009

12 July 2009

The final day of fourth Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series event concluded today organized in collaboration with the Yacht Club Cagliari.

Benedetto Giallongo and his Value Team Melges 20 continued their winning streak and adds a fourth win to his collection, that also includes the previous three stages.

His strongest competition came from Luca Domenici on Mefisto. His two first place finishes in the first and last races of the day, took him from his seventh overall position yesterday to second overall for the final.

In third is a proud Stefano Di Properizio on Mataran with Gabrio Zandona on tactics. Claudio Recchi'sTeam 93 with Filippo Pacinotti helming his boat for the occasion was fourth, and rounding out the top five was Lanfranco Cirillo on Fantasticaaa.

Full results are as follows after six races.

1.) Benedetto Giallongo, Value Team; 1,1,3,2,1,(4): 8
2.) Luca Domenici, Mefisto; 3.10,(12),1,3,1: 18
3.) Stefano Di Properizio, Mataran; 2,6,2,4,5,(OCS): 19
4.) Claudio Recchi, Team 93; 7,(9),1,9,4,2: 23
5.) Lanfranco Cirillo, Fantasticaaa; 8.4,(9),3,9,5: 6-pt.29
6.) Renato Vallivero, Turnover; 6,3,4,10,(11),7: 30
7.) Giuseppe Cavalli, Leviatano; 5,2,8,7,12,(12): 34
8.) Federico Albano, 3Menda; (11),5,11,11,8,3: 38
9.) Alessandro Franzi, ITA-146; (14),7,6,14,2,10: 39
10.) Marco Morina, Sei Tu 20; (15),8,7,12,6,6: 39
11.) Luca Lalli, Be Lin Sailing Team; 9,13,5,6,7,(OCS): 40
12.) Allesandro Rombelli, Aria Fritta; 4,12,10,(15),10.8: 13-pt.44
13.) Alessandro Molla, Bela Vita; 10,(14),13,8,13,11: 55
14.) Luisa Bambozzi, Trouble Makers; 12,11,14,5,14,(OCS): 56
15.) Dario Levi, Fremito D'Aria; 13,(15),15,13,15,9: 65

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