Steve Everest Leads After One Day Of Racing At The 2009 MC Scow Invitational

10 July 2009

Article courtesy of Coye Harrett - The overnight thunderstorms brought the sailors good breeze from the East South East between 10-15 MPH. Many skippers were quick to grab their crews as they headed out to the starting line. After the start, it was clear that the left side of the course was the place to be as there were huge port lifts. The fleet was divided by this wind line, boats on the right side of the course struggled as there wasn't any pressure. Clear Lake Native, Jeff Nicholas was leading the fleet around the first mark. The wind started to fade for the downwind leg and fellow local, Mark Tesar took the lead around the leeward mark and headed back to the left side of the course for the favored port angle. Virtually every boat went around the starboard gate and played follow the leader out to the left side of the course. At the second windward mark there was yet again another lead change, Dan Fink was leading the fleet back down the lake. For this leg, the breeze had been around 5-10 MPH and the boats with crews onboard were struggling. Around the last gate, Fink went to the port gate and tried to get across the centerline of the course but could not find any pressure or angle to get him there. Many boats went to the port gate and found the same trouble of not getting any angle or pressure to come back to the center of the course. At the top third of the last upwind some pressure filled in from the left corner that allowed the boats on the left to make gains as the boats out on starboard still could not make it back to the center of the course. At the finish Steve Everest came out on top, followed by Kevin Neal, then Mark Dunsworth. Very tricky racing...

After this first race the breeze completely shut off and the fleet went in for lunch hoping for the breeze to freshen and fill.

After lunch brought minimal wind, but enough for the race committee to put the fleet in sequence. At the three minute mark, there was a major wind shift that resulted in a postponement and eventual abandonment as again the breeze shut off for the day.

Overall Results: (after one race)
1) Steve Everest
2) Kevin Neal
3) Mark Dunsworth

Stay tuned for the Day 2 Report....