Bliksem? Unstoppable In Scarlino?

6 June 2009

The second day of racing continued today in beautiful Scarlino, Italy leaving Pieter Taselaar onUSA-169 Bliksem firmly in the lead with an astounding 11 point lead over second place challenger Claudio Recchi on ITA-93 Team 93. Although tied with Recchi in points, pulling up for third is Filippo Pacinotti on ITA-667 Brontolo.

Three additional races were conducted today. Although the struggle within the fleet was great, the end results did not change anything for Taselaar seated in first. Taselaar continues to dominate giving his adversaries little room for advancement. 

Recchi was able to take the first race, with Taselaar in second, Luigi Melegari onITA-181 Matrix took third. Taselaar scored big winning the second race of the day. For the third race Andrea Cecchetti on ITA-179 Bagua with Vasco Vascotto took the win. Pacinotti's strong second place finished enabled his ability to finish third overall tied in the points with Recchi.

More racing continues on Sunday — the final day of racing in Scarlino!


Final Results (After six races)
1 - BLIKSEM – USA (Pieter Taselaar / Nathan Wilmot) (6),2,1,2,1,6:pt.12
2 - TEAM 93 (Claudio Recchi / Jonathan McKee) 3,(7),7,1,3,7:pt.21
3 - BRONTOLO (Filippo Pacinotti / Fredrik Loof) 4,3,(14),8,4,2:pt.21
4 - CALVI NETWORK (Carlo Alberini / Gabriele Benussi)5,1,(20BFD),9,10,5:pt.30
5 - PILOT ITALIA (Francesco Martino / Michele Paoletti)7,(12),4,10,6,4:pt.31
6 - FANTASTICAA (Lanfranco Cirillo / Nico Celon) 9,6,5,5,6,(10):pt.35
7 - RUSH DILETTA (Mauro Mocchegiani / Andrea Casale) 1,9,(13),7,12,8:pt.37
8 - UKA UKA RACING (L.Santini – A.Marinelli / Lorenzo Bressani)2,4,(20BFD),11,8,12:pt.37
9 - BAGUA (Andrea Cecchetti / Vasco Vascotto)(13),8,10,13,7,1:pt.37
10 - MATRIX CORTINA D'AMPEZZO (Luigi Amedeo Melegari / Matteo Ivaldi)10,(13),12,3,2,13:pt.40
11 - HIGHLIFE – GBR (Peter Rogers / Kelvin Harrap)20DNC,(20DNC),3,4,5,9:pt.41
12 - HUBLOT BIG BANG (F.Battistella - C.Curnis / Sandro Montefusco) 15,(16),8,12,9,3:pt.47
13 - SEI TU 32 (Antonello Morina / Branko Brcin)16,11,2,6,14,(18):pt.49
14 - BITIPI – MON (Savino Formentini / Tommaso Chieffi)8,14,9,14,11,(15):pt.56
15 - JANAS (Roberto Pardini / Matteo Simoncelli)14,10,6,(18),18,11:pt.59
16 - MATARAN (Stefano Di Properzio / Enrico Fonda)11,5,15,(16),15,14:pt.60
17 - TORPYONE (Edorardo Lupi / Roberto Benamati)12,(20BFD),11,15,13,17:pt.68
18 - FRA MARTINA (Edo e Vanni Pavesio / Luca Antonini)17,15,(20BFD),19,17,16:pt.84
19 - LEA (Ernesto Faraco / Francesco Cruciani)18,17,(20BFD),17,19,19:pt.90