All Things Change At Melges 32 Audi Sailing Series In The Name Of Uka Uka Racing

18 April 2009


Malcesine, April 18 2009 - In a challenge for the lead, and a general check of the results from the first day of racing, it is no surprise that in the first stage of the 2009 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series that the name of Lorenzo Santini's Uka Uka Racing is now at the top of the leaderboard.

The strong team of Alessio Martinelli and Lorenzo Santini, assisted on tactics by the legendary Lorenzo Bressani, are among the teams that have suffered the least in Malcesine and going into the final day of racing are in a very good position to win.

The overtook the lead on day two from Carlo Alberini's Calvi Network and at the end of the day. If anything, the assault of Martinelli/Bressani/Santini have requested Alberini, along with tactician Gabriele Benussi to take check of their crew and ability, as they successfully walked away from racing yesterday with two firsts and a second place finish.

The second day of competition opened with an exciting first race — a picture perfect performance, right out of the handbook with Filippo Pacinotti's Brontolo with Freddy Loof calling tactics. The experienced Swede and passionate Pacinotti, also the Melges 32 European Class President, taught the fleet a great lesson in Melges 32 speed. A very good result for the first time around with this so called 'Rookie' team. Claudio Recchi on Team 93 took a satisfying second place.

Race two of the day was equally eventful as this time, it was Antonello Morina's turn on Sei Tu 32 creating a huge lead early to round the mark in first. His nearest challenger was fleet newcomer Andrew Cecchetti flanked by Vasco Vascatto. Morina took the victory with Cecchetti in second. Mauro Mocchegiani on Rush Diletta was third.

Another great final race was on tap for the 21-boat strong fleet with Uka Uka Racinggiving a full demonstration of pride and speed after a disappointing first race (finished 10th) yet took the victory in the third heat. This is a determined and driven team that coincides with their provisional leadership of the first Audi Sailing Series event.

TOP TEN RESULTS (Provisional)
1 - UKA UKA RACING (Marinelli / Santini - Bressani) 4,3,4,3, (10), 1: pt. 15 
2 - CALVI NETWORK (Alberini - G. Benussi) 1,2,1, (10), 4 (13): pt. 18 
3 - TEAM Barbarians (Simpson - Lee) (10), 5,6,4,6,3: pt. 24 
4 - RUSH (Mocchegiani - D'Alì) 13,4,2 (16), 3,4: pt. 26 
5 - PILOT ITALIA (Martino - Paoleti) 6,1,3, (19), 7.14: pt. 31 
6 - BAGUA (Cecchetti-Vascotto) 7 (19), 5,5,2,12: pt. 31 
7 - TEAM 93 (Recchi - J. McKee) 5.8, (11), 2,8,8: pt. 31 
8 - RED (Woods-Lenz) 2,7,8, (18), 15.2: pt. 34 
9 - MATRIX CORTINA D'AMPEZZO (Melegari - Matteo Ivaldi) 3, (14), 12,9,11,10: pt. 45 
10 - BITIPI (Formentini-Chieffi) 14,11,7, (15), 5.9: pt. 46