Alberini's 'Calvi Network' Takes Control After First Day Of Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series

17 April 2009


Malcesine, 17 April 2009 - Calvi Network, the team of Carlo Alberini leads the provisional overall after the first three races of today's Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series 2009. A day that has not spared spectators any drama, they are currently seen as the commanding crew with much stronger tactics that last year in the Melges 32 fleet. 

Tactician aboard Calvi Network, Gabriele Benussi, was absolutely at ease to tell us about the results from high-ranking angles and accelerations which, the Melges 32 allows Calvi Network to bank on a 1-2-1 race result for the day in Malcesine.

The first race was masterfully carried out without any risk, then overtaking an overbearing Joe Woods on Red that after a second exciting leg, through a radical attempt to channel the winds in their favor, right behind was Alberini. It was a dual to the finish with Calvi taking first, then Woods for second. Luigi Melegari's Matrix(with Matteo Ivaldi calling tactics) was third, that the strong Marinelli at the helm and Lorenzo Bressani as tactician for Lorenzo Santini's famous Uka Uka Racing in fourth followed by defending series champion Claudio Recchi on Team 93 with Jonathan McKee on tactics. 

After an number of general restarts, the fleet was on edge as Francesco Martino'sPilot Italia with Michele Paoletti calling the shots took top honors, followed by Alberini in second and in third, the new Marinelli/Bressani team for Santini.

For the start of the third and final race of the day resulted in a spectacular unfolding of events. As the fleet got the green light an altercation of starboard tack/port tack respectively beween Iacopo and Simone Biancchetti's Spirit and FRA Martina driven by Edoardo Pavesio. No one was hurt however both teams returned to the docks to assess the damage. Alberini claimed another victory just ahead of Mauro Mocchegiani's Rush Diletta, then Martino's Pilot Italia to secure it's desire to take the overall victory.

The provisional results after three great races reveals Alberini is in command of the fleet, Martino in second overall, then Marinelli/Bressani/Santini in third.

1-CALVI NETWORK (Carlo Alberini / Gabriele Benussi) 1,2,1: pt. 4 
2-PILOT ITALIA (Francesco Martino / Michele Paoletti) 6,1,3: pt. 10 
3 - UKA UKA RACING (Alessio Marinelli - Lorenzo Santini / Lorenzo Bressani) 4,3,4: pt. 11 
4 - RED (Joe Woods / Dave Lenz) 2,7,8: pt. 17 
5 - RUSH Beloved (Mauro Mocchegiani / Pietro D'Ali) 13,4,2: pt. 19 
6 - TEAM Barbarians (Stuart Simpson / Jamie Lee) 10,5,6: pt. 21 
7 - TEAM 93 (Recchi Claus / Jonathan McKee) 5,8,11: pt. 24 
8 - MATRIX CORTINA D'AMPEZZO (Luigi Amedeo Melegari / Matteo Ivaldi) 3,14,12: pt. 29 
9 - FANTASTICAA (Lanfranco Cirillo / Nicola Celon) 11,9,9: pt. 29 
10 - BAGUA (Andrea Cecchetti / Vasco Vascotto) 7,19,5: pt. 31 
11 - HUBLOT BIG BANG (Ferdinando Battistella / Sandro Montefusco) 12,6,14: pt. 32
12 - BITIPI (Savino Formentini / Tommaso Chieffi) 14,11,7: pt. 32 
13 - TORPYONE (Edoardo Lupi / Roberto Benamati) 9,12,16: pt. 37 
14 - MATARAN (Stefano Di Properzio / Henry Fonda) 8,13,18: pt. 39 
15 - BRONTOLO (Filippo Pacinotti / Fredrik Loof) 16,16,10: pt. 42 
16 - HIGHLIFE (Peter Rogers / Rob Lark) 15,18,15: pt. 48 
17 - YOU (Antonello Morina / Branko Brcin) 17,15,17: pt. 49 
18 - FRA MARTINA (Vanni Edoardo Pavesi and / Luca Antonini) 18.10, DNF: pt. 50 
19 - JANAS (Roberto Pardini / Paolo Conti) 20,20,13: pt. 53 
20 - SPIRIT OF SIMONE (Jacopo Bianchetti - Peter Golinucci / Gabriele Bruni) 19.17, DNF: pt. 58 
21 - LEA (Ernesto Faraco / Andrea de Marinis) ocs, 21.19: pt. 62