Up And Running — The New Melges 20 A Big Hit At Annapolis Boat Show

14 October 2008

Experts say that the Annapolis Boat Show is the 'big' boat show of the year. With all the ambivalent economic news, Melges Performance Sailboats wondered just how productive the show would really be. Would the turnout meet their expectations? What was certain was the extreme interest in the Melges 20.

To start off the show, Sailing World Magazine deemed that the Melges 20 was a definite Boat of the Year Nominee. Test sailing in Annapolis harbor proved lucrative and very exciting as people lined the waterfront to watch it sail. A Melges 20 was available for test drives as part of the full Melges boat show display alongside of the popular Melges 32 and Melges 24. Actually seeing the Melges 20, live and in person, is what really grabbed everyone's attention.

By the close of the show, Melges confirmed 8 Melges 20 orders. "The Melges 20 test drive program at the show made all the difference for us," said Andy Burdick, President of Melges Performance Sailboats. "It is amazing how much interest we have in this new boat. When we get the potential buyer on the water, and they see how the boat sails and works, their interest elevates to a whole new level."

The boat looks fantastic from a distance, but to take the opportunity to sail the Melges 20 is quite an experience!

The Melges 20 is officially on tour in the USA! The next appearance is slated for New York, Connecticut and then, finally down to Houston, Tex. for another big display in that region.

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