We Spot, You Spot, Everybody Can Spot A Melges 20

We Spot, You Spot, Everybody Can Spot A Melges 20 Related topics:

25 August 2008

It's true! The Melges 20's arrival here in the USA is closer than you think. This coming weekend it plans to strut its best stuff on beautiful San Francisco Bay! Between Friday, August 29th and Monday, September 1 it will be going through the paces.

Be sure to catch up with this awesome racing machine at the 2008 International Newport Boat Show in Newport, Rhode Island on September 11-14, then again at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland on October 9-13, 2008

Plan on being there today as you will not want to miss out on these two great opportunities to really see this boat move!

For more information about the Melges 20, visit the official microsite of the Melges 20 where you can find a wealth of information. From downloadable Sail and Deck Plan PDFs to all the design notes and philosophy — feast your eyes on a new video too.