Hans Meyer and Susi Sternkopf Win 2008 Melges 17 ILYA Championship

20 July 2008

As published by Scowlines, article by Andy Burdick - "It only took 90 years collectively for each of us to return to the podium as ILYA Champions," joked Hans Meyer, ILYA Sr X Champ in the 18, oh, 1900s. Susi Sternkopf is also a past champ sailing with brother Rick who won a title 43 years ago. You do the math, but these two were thrilled to proudly hold the Pewaukee Lake Melges 17 Trophy and the Lexus Pursuit of Perfection Trophy. The 77 had an impressive 4-2-2 to win by one point over Vincent and Davis Porter.

Vincent, and cousin Davis won the last two races. Vincent credited Davis with fine crew work. Both are past ILYA X Champs.

Floridian Mary Anne Ward with northern crew Peter Keck commented on the improved skill level of the Melges 17 sailors. Mary Anne is one of the earliest and strongest supporters of the fleet. If there is a regatta north or south, Mary Anne is there. She will serve as the new ILYA rep from this exciting fleet.

FYI. The Melges 17 crowd won the prize this weekend for the highest percentage of youth sailors. Nine of 19 were youth. Nearly 50%. Twelve of 38 sailors were female with four skippering these sleek boats. Nine teams were families: husband/wife; brother/sister or a touching nephew/aunt. We had the privilege of seeing Katie Pilley Lovell before going to Qingdao to see husband John Lovell. This fleet has the advantage of a higher proprietary interest than our other fleets which has served its growth well. Add to that those like Mary Anne Ward who has turned over boat after boat to grow the fleet and you can feel an excitement that is contagious.