Get Ready! Be Ready With New 2008 Melges 17 Hardware Upgrades

Get Ready! Be Ready With New 2008 Melges 17 Hardware Upgrades ©2007 J H Peterson Related topics:

27 February 2008

Melges Performance Sailboats has been hard at work making improvements to ensure your Melges 17 is faster and more enjoyable. Check out the very latest 2008 MELGES 17 HARDWARE UPGRADES (PDF) and be sure to get all your authorized parts and instructions from Melges!

Dear Melges 17 sailors,

We have recently done extensive testing on the Melges 17 in an effort to make the crews job as easy as possible. We have come up with several changes that we feel will make sailing the Melges 17 even more enjoyable. Please view the Melges 17 revisions to see what modifications we have made and will now be class legal.

We have separated the bow sprit out line from the spinnaker halyard and lead the spinnaker halyard on deck to reduce the load on the halyard and to make the spinnaker easier to pull up and to take down. The result is pretty amazing as the kite is dramatically easier to pull up and down and now the skipper gets to pull the bow sprit out. This system is not mandatory but, will be beneficial for some crews.

We also are installing the jib halyard on the mast as opposed to the deck. This takes some compression load off of the mast and will make the masts more durable. Again, this is not a mandatory change.

Also, we have added a cheek ratchet for the jib sheet lead. This takes some load off of the sheet in heavy air and it also helps move the jib sheet aft away from the spinnaker halyard so it helps with the line organization at the front of the cockpit.

The parts to make these changes are available from us in Zenda. Please let us know if you would like to get any of the parts to make these upgrades by emailing SALES@MELGES.COM or call +1 (262) 275-1110.

Sail Fast!

Team Melges!