Crystal Lake, MI M17 Regatta

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24 June 2006

Saturday the fleet set sail in a steady 12-18 Southwest wind. Two W2s were sailed before lunch, in which Kirk and Ian Donaldson jumped out to an early lead. Following the Donaldsons were Brian McMurray and his wife Deb, Art Brereton and Spencer Powell, and Larry Brand sailing with his son Keith. In the heavy breeze it was apparent that Kirk and Ian had practiced a lot. In several tight mark roundings they were able to fly their spinnaker longer than most and make huge gains. With very little practice, if any, Tom Munroe sailing with his son Tom Jr. (12 yrs.) had an awesome race 2! It was great to see Tom Jr. at the helm in breezy conditions. Nice Job Tom Jr.!! Tom Jr. decided to end on a good one and gave the helm to his brother Reid Sunday who also did great in the windy conditions! Watch out for the Munroe brothers in years to come!

Sunday morning the sailors awoke to drizzling rain and very little wind. Just when it seemed the fleet was going to pack it up in the rain, the rain subsided and a steady North wind filled. Over the next hour the breeze built to a steady 10-15. The Donaldson Team won race 3 extending their lead to 2pts. over McMurray. In order for McMurray to win the regatta he needed to put just one boat between himself and the Donaldsons. During the pre-start in Race 4, McMurray put some Match Racing moves on the Donaldson team that seemed to work. McMurray jumped out to an early lead with Donaldsons following several boats behind. The race ended with McMurray taking first and Donaldson's third. The regatta was decided on a tie breaker, with McMurray taking the win!! Way to go Brian!!

Trophies were awarded to the Top 4.

  1. Brian and Deb McMurray
  2. Kirk and Ian Donaldson
  3. Mary Anne Ward and Jamie Kimball
  4. Larry and Keith Brand

Special thanks to our regatta chairman Bob Wynkoop and the Crystal Lake Yacht Club for being such generous hosts! Saturday night Bob hosted a great party at his home on Crystal Lake. Thanks again Bob!