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8 November 2007

Dear fellow sailors,

Almost fifteen years has passed since we, at Melges first envisioned the possibilities of a sailboat that would provide a more simple, fun way to sail. That idea quickly became reality with the contributions, thoughts and valuable feedback of our most loyal customers, friends and colleagues; and most especially through vital relationships such as that with world-renown Reichel Pugh Yacht Design.

Proof of our commitment to the sport of sailing, dedication to our customers and pursuit of ingenuity is our existing stable of products. For more than sixty years, our Scows — the Melges A Scow, Melges E Scow, Melges C Scow, Melges MC Scow, Melges X Boat as well as the sporty Melges 17® has been and always will be a very diverse foundation of our company. We are equally proud to offer an impressive line-up of keel boats including the revolutionary Melges 24® as well as its larger counterpart — the successful Melges 32®. Each boat celebrates a strong and enduring class organization as well as great attendance records at local and major events, here in the USA and internationally, each growing more year-after-year. This is a big part in the overall Melges product success and further proves fleet building potential.

And now, in an effort to fulfill the need for a more compact, yet spacious, fast and really easy to sail, we are thrilled to introduce the long-awaited, highly anticipated Melges 20®. Once again we have teamed up with Reichel Pugh ensuring that this boat will be advanced in every respect, high quality, innovative, designed to the very core and fun. It will be beautiful, a cinch to sail, rig and comfortable. The Melges 20 will ultimately appeal to a wide range of skill level, age and gender groups. It will bring encouragement to youth sailors, women and day sailors alike.

What could be better than planing downwind with an asymmetrical kite, feeling the thrill of Melges racing as you surf the waves in complete control, ripping right into a perfectly executed high-speed gybe? Or, what about carving through the waves with such concentration and feeling of freedom — absorbed in the moment where all else is forgotten? This is what it's all about!

Sail fast!

The Melges Team