ACURA Key West 2008 Melges 32 Competitors: ISAF Classification Code & Registration With ISAF

ACURA Key West 2008 Melges 32 Competitors: ISAF Classification Code & Registration With ISAF www.sailing.org Related topics:

6 January 2008

With boat preparation in full swing for ACURA Key West 2008, there also comes crew preparation which includes making sure that everyone scheduled to sail is registered with ISAF. The ISAF Sailor Classification Code provides the International Melges 32 Class Association with an system for classifying sailors.

Surely everyone is aware that the Melges 32 has very specific crew requirements in order to be class legal while competing.

Per the current Melges 32 class rules:
C.9.4. While racing in sanctioned One Design class events, the crew shall be composed of Group 1 competitors except that up to three (3) crew members may be Group 2 or 3 competitors, but, not more than three (3) may be a Group 3. Competitor grouping shall be determined by application of the current ISAF Sailors Classification Code (See ISAF Regulation 22). Competitors without a current classification, or whose employment circumstances have changed, may apply for a new certificate electronically from the ISAF website (www.sailing.org)

To qualify as an amateur, ISAF must classify you as a Group 1 sailor. The entire crew list will be checked against the official online ISAF Sailor List to confirm each individuals status before your entry is fully confirmed. Please remember — if any crew member is NOT listed on ISAF’s Web site, it will be assumed that they are a Group 3 (professional). DOWNLOAD ISAF's CLASSIFICATION CODE. Other languages (Italian, French and Spanish) are available on ISAF's Website.



Once submitted, ISAF will send an email to the address used to register. It will include an assigned ISAF ID No. and two links: one - to activate your ISAF account and two - to request ISAF Sailor Classification. From that email you can jump right into the classification process or follow STEP 2 below.

STEP 2: Visit www.sailing.org and LOGIN with your SAILOR LOGIN (ISAF ID No.) and password. Directly to the left of the SAILOR LOGIN area, select CLASSIFICATION. In the left hand side menu, select the second item labeled REQUEST NEW CLASSIFICATION. The site will walk through a three step process. They confirm sailor contact details, then employment, then provide a short survey. Depending on how certain questions are answered, ISAF may prompt you for further details on the next page.

If the application is straightforward a sailor's classification may be confirmed almost instantly. If there are any queries about the application it will be referred to ISAF’s Classification Authority for a decision and they may contact the sailor to request additional information. This happens quite often with Group 2 and 3 sailors so it is essential that everyone apply for classification well in advance of any event.


ISAF Sailor Classification is good for two years. If a crew member already has an ISAF Sailor ID and existing classification, please make sure that it has not expired. If so, you will need to have it renewed for ACURA Key West 2008.

More information can be found at ISAF's WEB SITE.